Thursday, 31 December 2020 06:45

That feeling of sheer and utter IMPOTENCY

I’ll never forget all the arguments I had with my Dad in general (Mom too, and to an extent my wife) about ... well, India.

Speaks volumes too about why I dont LIVE there.

But anyway, if there is one way you can sum up the country it is this – unfulfiled potential and FRUSTRATION.

Apathy, perhaps ...

No-one cares!

And while that might be true to an extent in the ROW too, it’s more true in India.

I still remember my Mom mournfully complaining growing up.

“But we have soooo many problems ... “

And truth be told, as we think, so we are. The great Claude Bristol said it, and he was right, and it holds true for countries – companies – individuals – relationships – everything!

Thoughts truly are things, bro.

And In India, apparently throwing trash in the dumpster – or even HAVING one to throw it in is not something “essential”.

Having running hot and cold water 24/7 like in most of the rest of the civilized world?

How dare I, hehe.

Asking for ESSENTIALS like beer, food etc to be delivered to the house?

Food, maybe a little bit.

Anything else, no way Jose.

And if anything is delivered, they’ll show up at insanely early hours and jangle and jingle the doorbell no end, and the doorbell being another thing that Indians in general seem to have a morbid fascination with.

Thats how it is, I remember my Dad angrily yelling at me every time I “dare” to bring these things up.

Hey, let’s be honest.

Some things are BASIC. And in a country that tom toms itself as being an “emerging superpower”, precious few basic things (that you and I take for granted) are available at all in India (let alone be “luxuries”).

It’s thinking in general in India that hasn’t changed.

Perhaps the government, but I’d say the THINKING.

The Chinese were even worse off pre-1980’s.

But their THINKING was changed and modified en masse by the government.

Of course, China ain’t perfect either. Neither is America. The UK. What not.

But certain basic living standards are there everywhere, including from what I hear Ethiopia and recently Sudan.

India, no, and thats why I dont live ... ah, but we went there, did we not. Hehe.

But point is, every time I bring it up?

I’m either the guy who “argues endlessly”.

Or, the idiot to be yelled at (because he’s actually saying something that is TRUE and that the next person can’t do shit about except acknowledge if he was honest enough. Hey, ask anyone. Bottom line is this – anyone that can leave India usually DOES. Unless they’re chained by the ole ball and chain, hehe, or other reasons but really. ALL of my Dad’s brothers done left. My mom’s nephews all left. I did. And ... well .. the list goes on and on and! Except Mom and sis, there are precious few in the family that actually stay there).

And of course, say anything about the place, and out come the flames from people that dont even LIVE there.

Hey, hey, hey.

The sheer IMPOTENCY shines through ...

Anyway, why do I bring this up all of a sudden?

Well, fitness wise lots of guys feel the same way when looking at those “bodies they can never get”.

When they look at dude pumping out pull-ups smoothly like “butter” in the park ...

(I still remember an S.O. of mine wayyyy back inthe day at a pedicure place or something where they said that to her. Trust me, my pull-ups are even smooooooother, hehe).

When they look at REAL men with REAL strength, fighting skills and such ...

Gun skills. (I'm missing that Glock, hehe)

The list goes on and on and on.

But here’s the thing.

Rather than feel impotent, GET OVER IT.

DO the thing.

You might not be able to change a country. Or the (Alonzo “Rahul” speaking, hehe) – “goddamned world”.

But you CAN change your own life. 

It requires two things.


And not being a lazy ass and making excuses.

Just do it, my friend.

If I did it, trust me – so can you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Last and final warning for the SHIP. The price WILL go up by $200 next year. Consider yourself “alerted” and “Warned” for the umpteenth time, heh.