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“Jo Dar Gaya, Wo Mar Gaya!”

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Sage indeed!

'Twas a milk store, I believe or some such thing. 

The guy selling behind the counter wasn’t wearing a face mask, and a lady was in line (well, she was buying something or the other "mustard oil" I believe but I ain't sure).

The lady asked him “why he wasn’t wearing a face mask”.

No doubt the guy had been asked that 10,0000 times already.

And of course, he was irritated.

Curtly he replied “Jo Dar Gaya – Wo mar gaya”.

And I AGREE with dude.

Apparently this caused a massive flutter on certain social media circles (El -Freak-o-book for one), and a contact forwarded it to me. Yours truly does NOT watch videos, but this one  I just had to .. 

For reference, this line is from a famous Hindi movie (wyyyyyyyy back int he day when I was growing up “Sholay”).

The big fat baddie who made girls dance on broken glass or the baddie would “chop the hero’s arms off” or some such thing (I can’t quite remember the story) said this.

He was apparently a man to be feared. Bandit no less.

Replete with his army of thugs as well.

The cops were scared of him!

So a couple of freelance “bounty hunters” were hired to get him.

Do they? Do they not? Does one fall in love? Is it typical Bolly “sholly”? Am I commiting a massive FOLLY by spending time watching it?

Well, you watch, and you decide my friend.

But point is this.

HE said this.

“Whoever gets scared – DIES”.

And he was RIGHT. So right!

And it’s SO applicable today.

Ever think or wonder how Hitler and his bunch of thugs turned Germany into gigantic “Nazi boiling pot”?

Or how it started (Hitler was known as a lunatic initially) and how the infamous Gestapo became so powerful?

Or how Xi’s Gestapo in China is equally, if not more powerful?

And how dictators all over the world come to power, and RULE with an iron fist?

Two things.

One, brainwashing. Repeatedly.

Repeat a lie enough times, and a man will BELIEVE IT.

And TWO?

Well, FEAR.

And the same thing is what China banked upon.

They spread the damn thing with much thought and foresight.

They KNEW the panic this would cause because of how it spreads ... (and even the, it’s not nearly as deadly as the bozos make it out to be).

And ... I’ll take my chances, thank you very much, no matter where I go and where I travel.

If I HAVE to wear a face mask, I will. Some airlines don’t even allow you on without a face mask, even domestically.

But the minute I dont have to, I won’t.

And I suggest YOU do the same thing my friend.

Live life OPENLY – unafraid – and UNWORRIED about what people might “think”, “do” or what not.

FEAR is indeed what killed more peopel than anything!

And on that note, I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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