Saturday, 02 January 2021 08:57

On being “expected” to do more without the right pay ...

I’ve written about that before, of course.


And it’s one reason my products are priced HIGH, but thats not the main or only reason by far ...

But what I SHOULD have titled this one is this.

“Idiots that give you “titles” at work but NOT the pay that goes with it”.

(despite you delivering results like they never ever expected).

Por ejempelo, THAT job I mention SO OFTEN and that I dedicated a BOOK to.

And yes, they NEVER in their wildest dreams expected the results they got from me and said so much.

“..... (I’m leaving names out) is very happy with your performance! Most people take at least two weeks to settle in. You didnt, and you just hit eh ground running and brought in MONEY”.

(This from the same boss that believes in “letting people sink or swim” and NOT training his employess (hint – it costs MONEYYYYY, hehe))

(The Name is the boss that I’ve “left out”)

And though they did their best to retract that statment (it was made by a lackey who I often drank with – he was the boss “in theory” but I Reported to the real boss anyway) ... it didnt really work.

Some things just cannot be retracted!

And I just had an idea to write about that on the other site. Hehe. 

I’ve truly written my blogs, emails and books while writing others!

But anyway, I later re-joined that job (be on the outlook for the Second Volume of the 10 Commandments of Successful SALES which details that – so much to do – so little time!) .. BIG mistake.

Big mistake – and based upon some crappy “sh” advice I got from I’ll let you guess who (and that I even more foolishly listened to).

“You got your job back! Yay!”


Like who cares.

At a salary LESS (well, marginally) than what they were paying me when I first joined, and a lot less than the raise I deserved, and got.

And halfway through that job I became the assistant VP.

In theory.

My pay?

Didnt increase.

Needless to say, being a bozo doesnt go down well with me. I left.

Much like I did all those years ago with Freddie, where I had the title of “engineer”, but did the job of a MANAGER. 

(True I got paid triple what the other local engineers got paid, so good on Freddie for that. And in all honesty, Freddie was “boudit”. I should NOT have quit that job the way I did!)

(But live and learn, hehe).

My Dad’s often told me “Do the thing first, and they’ll give you the title and money later”.

Well, I Can’t wait for the money Dad.

And these days, most companies (not yours, I know, but not everyone runs their companies based upon loyalty, and truth be told, end of the day, that “loyalty” thing or at least the way your boss does it helps YOU save money too, hehe, and you KNOW it) would just say that, and fire when it comes time for the raise or title, unless they really need yo, and they did back then in THAT job, but of course thought they were “so smart” in making plans to replace me anyway the minute I asked for a raise.

They thought I “didnt know”. 


Sometimes, IDIOCY shines through.

But titles.

I dont ask for them generally. They’re GIVEN to me anyway.


Because I DESERVE it.

Mercurial. Flat out brutally honest. Caveman. “El Wolf”.

And any of the other names on that 1119 long list ...

Mr. Handstand pushup, for one.

My wife just gave me the title.

Because I can do them better than almost anyone out there!

I did it – GOT the T shirt.

But if some clown shows up and asks me to do it while never having an intention of giving me the T – shirt ... ah, but we went there did we not?

This whole “Stream of consciousness” rant can be summed up as such.

Rahul Mookerjee doesnt work a job, no matter how much stability it might give him, or not.

IN short I’d rather NOT be a BOZO (not saying those who work jobs are, but employers for the most part want just that these days – mindless bozos who just “listen” and deliver the moon and dont ask for the right pay -- and well - - is it any wonder that he world is the way it is?)

Can’t change the goddamned world tho, as Alonzo said. 

And I ain’t trying to.

But I AM trying to turn YOUR LIFE AROUND in terms of fitness, bro.

And HERE is the system that will do it.

Jump on it NOW. Truly worth it (And the “best damned fitness system MONIKER that comes WITH IT!)


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Yes, Charles. We gotta keep fighting the GOOD FIGHT – kudos to YOU and the rest of the 0 Excuses faithful for doing so, day in and day out. Keep at it!!

PS #2 - A publisher I once worked with said "Rahul, we'll need a whole library just for YOUR books". And given my ouput, I'll say he was right, hehe. (that was for another site, another venture)