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Why living your life by the “But it’s better than what you got now!” maxim is dumb to an extreme

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I’m sitting here butt naked after a shower.

Well, not really – I have a towel on. But in the freezing cold of WINTER here, consider this a test for myself. How fast I can deliver THIS dose of motivation before my fingers go numb, hehe.

But anyway ... I wouldn’t recommend you do this at home!

Especially if not if the Mrs, Kids etc are around. Yours truly lives alone and is alone even when not alone, so ...

Anyway, I’ll never forget what a friend of mine once told me when I “cried on his shoulder a bit” or attempted to wayyyy back in the day during a tough phase.

Come to the Us, he kept telling me.

Um, but i like China”, I kept saying.

He runs a convenience store. Two or three, I believe, and help while never easy to find was hard as heck those days (and even harder NOW, hehe).

His entire argument boiled down to one thing outwardly.

“you’ll make a lot of money!”

But he never told me how much.

Never offered me a formal job.

Just “your own risk”.

Much like I do in china.

So much for “friendship”!

And of course, yours truly doesnt work jobs. Certainly not ones as aggravating as convenience store checkouts (nothing against the fine folks that do , but I ain’t one of them).

At that point I was going through a tough phase. One of many.

And he kept giving me the “But it’s better than what you have now” spiel.

(and why wouldn't he. Though he claimed up and down "it wasn't for his benefit", the fact was that someone like me, wayyyy over qualified for the position and yet with a "noose around my neck" (or so he thought!) would be a great thing for him!) 

I stuck to my guns. Didnt do it. Truth be told, he wasnt th eonly one that gave me this spiel either!

I told you about my Mom and that job even further back in the day that once wanted me to accept a pay cut.

Or was fishing to see if I took it ... 

Mommy wanted me to with much the same logic.

I didnt, of course.

“It’s better than what you have now!”


After quitting that job, I went to three interviews, and got hired by all three.

Two were night shifts, both with far higher pay packages than at the last job.

And the third ... well, it was THAT JOB!

And if I had listened to my mother, which I wouldn’t have, I’d probably never have written the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales.

And a slide down a very slippery slope indeed would have begun!

Napoleon Hill said it it the best in Think and Grow Rich, and so did Dr. Maltz in Pyscho Cybernetics, two books I highly recommend all of you to read.

(I dont care if you want to become rich or not)

One being Hill when he said “you’d be surprised at the sort of crap a man gets offered for jobs when he’s desperate!”

“Give that man a change of clothes and some money though – and voila. Instant change!”

He goes on to state that women don’t suffer from the same money complexes and pressure in general, because ... well, because of how Nature intended men and women to be !

(All paraphrased as usual, but thats the gist).

And he is right.

My wife once told me I was the sort of person that when I got in ANY sort of fix (not necessarily financial) I did what I had to do to get out.

And then went back to my merry ole ways anyway.

She was right.


How dare I say otherwise! Hehe. 

And last, but not least, Maltz in Psycho Cybernetics.

If you’re the only person cheering for you in the bleachers – but no-one else is ... well, that what counts!

Other hand, if thousands root for you, but if you yourself don’t – guess what.

No use, mi amigo.

YOUR FAITH is what counts – and delivers results.

As it has all my life and continues to.

Alright, my time’s up. Hehe. I’m not freezing though. It’s been 8 minutes.

682 words and counting.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up more motivation here – Gumption Galore. I might just put out another Volume on this!

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