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Why running around vague places was the best thing I ever did for myself and my LIFE

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As I hit the big 4, I BE thinking.

I’ve been thinking.

And one of the things that came to mind was an old song, oddly enough one from 1995 I believe. Real old ...

Anyway, in 2003, when yours truly was planning on going to China, he received many a “dont do it”, and “stick to a bozo job” and “its unknown” nutty remarks.

Discouraging and disparaging to the extreme, not to mention demotivating and depressing.

So much so that I ignored the initial email from my boss then asking me to show up there.

I just didnt reply either way.

And I remember the ominous warning from dad.

“You can’t be running around vague places at this stage of your career!”

And oddly enough, that was when I had had enough of living in India, albeit for six months and thats all.

I accepted the offer the second time my boss emailed me.

Only mistake I made was not asking for more money, which at that point I would have gotten.

Of course, how dare I. Hehe.

If only .. !

But thats OK, my friend. I’d rather learn from the School of Hard knocks than the school of “Thee Coddled”, so to speak.

And running around vague places provedt o be a decision I’ll never regret.

Not to mention China isn’t exactly vague ...

OPEN mind, is what my parents and people in general do NOT have.

But anyway ...

Running around there got me in the best shape of my life.

I made, and continue to make the MOST money I ever have there.

(And even 0 Excuses Fitness STARTED there, which really got the ball rolling after the initial “Fast and Furious Fitness” book).

I worked two or so jobs there, and a few in between, and none of them were the Bozo Shozo like UTTER CRAP jobs I was pushed into elsewhere, but LEFT.

And so forth.

Point of all this .. .keep an open mind my friend.

What you don’t know is not necessarily bad or evil.

And thats a short blurb on that one.

On another note, be sure and avail of the special sale we’ve got going on at 0 Excuses Fitness.

Remember the coupon code too ...

THEBIG40  (and ONLY valid until the  6th, if even then. Knowing my mercurial self I might pull it sooner ...) 

And I’ll see you aboard!

40 and counting, hehe. To more!


Rahul Mookerjee

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