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Why the greatest motivators often “fail” (emphasis on QUOTES) to motivate those supposedly closest to them ...

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It’s a common thread.

Could be Napoleon Hill

Could be Edison.

Could be steve Jobs.

Could be yours truly.

Could be ... well, the security guard in India that got laid off early last year, started a shop selling snacks or something, failed, and then ...

... I was waiting for it.

Although he was TRYING To do something else, although he did NOT give up, although he had a vision, guess what.

“His family lost faith in him”

Which is expected, myfriend ...

I dont know if you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s life story, but you might be surprised to know the personal life of a man that motivated literally BILLIONS and continues to do so.

Or any of other achievers above.

Now, the bozo jokers and “English teacher in China” and excuse makers, and other fools will chime in.

“If he (or she) can’t motivate his own spouse ...”

(While conveniently noticing the NOT so obvious – which is what I wrote about a few emails ago about leading by example, and the RESULTS – and the OBVIOUS – i.e. my own daughter being motivated from a YOUNG, YOUNG age, and doing all the RIGHT things without being TOLD to).

It’s not their “failure”.

It’s the fact that most have NO VISION, period.

And refuse to get one when told so.

Which explains the state the world is in today. 

Everything for these people is either one of two things.


“Right inf ront of you” i.e. the here and now, but they forget the successes and failures of the past – big mistake – and the WONDROUS future. Even bigger mistake.

If you’re going on to bigger and better, for one, don’t be surprised to fall out with friends (most) and family (all, I’d say, if not most).

If you’re doing the thing, don’t be surprised to be trolled (you should welcome it, hehe. I do).

(for more reasons than one).

And fitness wise, same thing.

When you’re going places the same people that laughed at you and said you were fat won’t miraculously congratulate you.

Theyll sniff and say “oh, it was easy for him!”

“Oh, muscle sticks to him like shit on a stick!”

And other idiotic, asinine remarks.

Which would be better off in the Book of Non Achievers and Bozos, hehe.

Anyway, enough of that.

To pick up the most effective and indeed MOTIVATIONAL fitness system ever, go right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Truly the best. Get it, and you will SEE why.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pay special attention to the intro video, which most skip. Remember, digital download (or both digital and paperback) is the way to go for this one!

PS #2 - And please, PLEASE, do NOT get back to me saynig "I dont know what he's talking about". Yes, you DO. STicking your head in the sand won't make facts disappear tho brah!

PPS - By the way, dude's a success six short months later, and was featured on the news -shnews too ... 

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