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Gorilla Grip, and why “attack is indeed the BEST form of defense”

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In middle school, yours truly was getting the heck pounded out of him.

Nothing unusual for a kid who (while admittedly on the smaller side) (and who had his confidence shattered growing up by Mama in every which way – to an extent my father too, but mostly Mama) got it a lot at school.

“Because he didnt accept his place”.

Which, as “they” thought was to buckle down and take it.

Anyway, so fat boy was in front of me. On top of me. And everything else. Hehe.

And as I was getting the pulp squeezed out of me, I did it.

I put the GRIP on him.


Around his neck.

Instantly, he let go.

Went crying to Daddy (his own) who then showed up at school and “complained”.

The result?

Some dumb ass note in an “almanac of sorts”, and an invitation for yours trulys Dad who “menacingly” told him “I dont like going to schools too often!” (like he was the Grim Reaper or something. HA! If only I could tell you the tales of what MEN outside the HOUSE did to him when he talked tall tales and his utter shit) to paddle the heck out of me.

“You should be beaten by the police!” went Daddy dearest. 

(Curiously enough the guys who beat on me were "alright". They didnt deserve that!) 


I’ll leave that one up int he air.

But it did cause two things to happen.

One, the wound festered, and today there is not ONE book on grip out there – but three. Hehe. Four if you include the compilation.

All DOES happen for a good cause, even the tennis player who knew my right hands was injured and yet gave the gorilla grip to a 17 year less than half his size.


I wonder what woul dhappen now (and trust me, I ain’t a big dude even now)

And two?

Dude let go.

And still likely carries the scars on his mind, and his neck ...

Point of all this being – attack, my friend, has always been the BEST form of defense for a reason.

President Trump is a huge advocate of this – and so is yours truly.

I’ve always BEEN A huge advocate of this.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean an all out frontal assault. 

Sometimes, the knives that cut the deepest take a while to do so in ALL Regards, and they dont necessarily do so upfront either ...

But you attack – in whichever way is convenient and suitable at the time.

Because, my friend, the fact begets.

ATTACK truly IS the best form of defense bro.

And in terms of fitness, I’m here to tell you that the DIRECT method works the BEST.

The direct method is ATTACK the problem – while keeping your mouth shut.

(unless you want a host of Bozos passing inane comments).

Do the thing.

GET to a point where you can tell ‘em to sod off, and rightfully so.

And then you’ll truly understand two more things.

A) revenge is a dish best served COLD and b) Revenge matters NOT in life. In fact, it’s best if you “let it go” to whatever extent possible, but if possible, fully.

All of this, of course made a great bedtime story for my kid every time sh easks.

And no, I ain’t gonna paddle her for putting grips or anythign on anyone if that person deserves it.

A quick read through of Kiddie Fitness for one will show you that I’ve been encouraging it ever since I remember. Since age three, actually, when dude whacked her one, and I’m glad to report with me behind her, she whacked him – BACK – HARDER.

Thats how to do it, bro.

Hit ‘em hard – hit ‘em heavy – hit ‘em where it hurts.

And remember that attack is always the best form of defense.

Glyn the Bozo Schofield on public welfare in the UK and running around being a monkey or lap dog teaching ABC to kids who could care less (honestly, calling ESL teaching is doing REAL teachers which they all claim they are, of course and REAL teaching a mammoth and massive DISSERVICE) claims the following.

On my book on pushups.

“Really? A book on pishups and thats that?”

Lets see the Bozo DO the thing.

(Edit - and a customer from, oddly enough the UK, was RIGHT in asking him publicly how many books he'd written. A sum total of ZERO) 

(I swear - it's committed people like HIM that make all the difference and make all this WORTH IT! True WARRIORS!) 

Ditto for his other inane and admittedly hilarious comments which I want more of on Amazon. LOL. But he seems not to want to oblige this time around.

LOL Again.

Or any of the other jackasses who claim “it’s about the mind and why I’m doing pull-ups out there”,

Idiots incarnate the lot of ‘em.

Lets see ‘em do it.

And that, my friend is what matters.

The satisfaction - - not the “revenge”, hehe.

I’m out. 

And I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – One of the most and most immensely satisfying experiences I’ve had that neither one of the nuts mentioned above and a lot of GOOD people reading this will never have – that being to pop off sets of 10 perfect pull-ups willy nilly, helter skelter almost in my sleep. Ditto for handstand pushups,and the rest.

Wanna get there?

Then do the thing, bro. And do the thing.

And you will!

It’s as simple as it gets.

Really, and again. Just friggin DO IT.

PS #2 - I don't generally edit posts, but the exact comment was "You should be beaten with an iron rod by the police". Of course, made by the same person who later exhorted a moron who taught "Clay Modeling" or some such thing and apparently was pissed off I didnt attend his nigh on higly BORING class (that was the only "crime" - as opposed to certain other kiddos who put clay on the picture he had hanging there - right on his nose, LOL) ... no prizes for guessingwho. LOL. 

Sometimes I can't figure out whether to shake my head - - or laugh - - or both. PErhaps thats what I'll do, both! HA!

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