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Momentum, and how one things build upon the other

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Without knowing it, I rectified one of the KEY mistakes I made with regard to all my businesses for many years.

By no means was this a deal breaker.

I made sales. Continued to put out products, books, courses, and what not.

Continued to get trolled by Bozo Scho-Fo “the rotund one” for one, hehe.

But point is ... that one thing?

I remember talking to a friend of mine Dwayne once about something, and as always, this man gave me some SOLID advice.

He talks a lot when we do talk, and I listen to it all.

(Thats one of the things I really hate about “conversations” in general, and people that say they want to listen, talk etc - - but then end up saying that “too many audio messages” - - when you’ve only sent one in about 6 months or so!).

Believe me, yours truly is a true caveman in that regard, and I prefer to do everything in WRITING.

Thats how I run my life, and business etc (and thats why as my lovely wife says, I’m so hard to “live with”).

Hehe. She is probably right in her own way!

She always is, isn’t she.

LOL Again.

That ole thing of keeping your balls ... ah, but I won’t go there!!

But anyway, Bobbitting or assumed Bobbiting aside ..where was I?

Ah yes.

Charles for one (the friend) who is the “mutual friend” (not sure about now) for both Bozo Schofield and myself knew about the trolling before I did it.

Never told me.

And claims “it doesnt matter”.

Maybe to him it doesnt.

But what matters to me ain’t that

I could care less about that ... what I DO care about is two things.

One, if it’s racist, and he isn’t (which he isn’t, really) - - then continuing to encourage that racism from (admittedly, as he said) “a known lunatic” ?

Not on, friend.

And two, and more pertinently here, he never really bothered to listen to any of the audios I sent him – which was only when we DID talk, which wasnt a lot ...

Apparently he “got too may”.

But apparently Bozo Schofield’s insane rants (his own words, not mine) and 200 plus audios and inane chattering in WeShat groups was easier than listening to someone who says it like it is about issues that MATTER as opposed to which kid didnt learn ABC well enough today and so forth ...

Anyway ...

Dwayne said the following.

“Email something DAILY. Even if you’re not in the mood, just do it”.

And being he was talking about something else actually, this just came up.

But it was one of those hidden gems that I’m not sure if even he remembers telling me, and from a man thats failed way more than he’s succeeded, and from a man that KNOWS a thing or two about TRUE success, and a man that is NOW living life on his OWN terms (and he should!) ... well, that was a sage comment.

I knew it all along.

But for some reason I slacked off “sometimes”.

And this happened over the years.

I dont know which famous person it was that put a cross on the calendar every time he got his “joke of the day” written out.

Perhaps a comedian?

I am not sure. I cannot remember.

But those strings of X’s added up, and he said he’d never stop experiencing success so long as he didnt break the chain.

In 2020, for whatever reason, I didnt just do THAT.

I did about five times more, hence the “success”, “trolling”, and the GROWTH in the biz.

Which was there before too, but the more you do the right things, the more you grow!

And no, if Bozo Schofield is reading this, I dont mean that sort of growth either, LOL.

Now, here is the point.

A very lengthy one you might say .... and so be it.

But what if you “can’t write” one day or “just have nothing to write about” despite being a prolific writer otherwise.

Yes, I’ve had it happen too!

Even me.

And the key is to realize you ALWAYS have something to share.

You ALWAYS have something you CAN do.

And yo ujust gotta do it!

Believe me, it’s as simple as that.

This afternoon, I was shooting emails back and forth with a customer Charles, and I was in a relaxed mood. I hadn’t done any of my daily emails etc.

Wasn’t sure what to write.

Then the brain kicked in.

“Get to work, boyo!”

And I did.

And hence this email. And all the others!

And momentum wise, the five or so you get daily from me despite the promise of ONE.

UNDER promising and over delivering is what has got me to where I’m at today – both in life – and business.

And fitness.

Just start, bro.

Dont feel like the pull-ups today?





Then you’re done for the day. We will “do it again tomorrow”.


Done now?

Feel the blood flowing, the heart pumping?

OK, why not one handstand.

Just one. Not even a press up. You can do that! 



And at the end of the day, I bet you’ll have done MORE than what you intended to do, if you keep going this way!

And that my friend is what it’s about.

Momemtum builds upon the same. Laziness does too.

Success. Failure. All does.

Birds of a feather not only STICK together, but FLOCK together. So does misery. And happiness.

You get the point.

Now .... get to work fitness wise.

And – just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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