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Why I love being the fall guy in my family (and for people in general)

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I can still hear it.

A bunch of friends and so called well wishers telling me (in days bygone) “Life would be a lot easier if you got along with your family and did what they wanted you to”.

I’m glad they told me that. It only made me more determined to do my own thang and blaze my “muh” hehe own trail!

Which I am ...

You could replace “fall guy” in my case with black sheep. Skeleton in the closet, albeit one with meat on them bones, hehe.

But no matter what you call me, the overwhelming “rally” (I’m borrowing one of my beloved PG Wodehouse terms here) in the Mookerjee family (at least this one) is this.

“Rahul is always wrong”

“something bad happened? Rahul must have something to do with it!" 

If the sun rose int he West tomorrow, Rahul would be to blame, hehe.


I still remember a time in 2012 when I figured I’d try and make it work with family (well, it was 2013).

My daughter had just been born. Due to my familys prior antics and a host of other reasons, we had just returned from the Middle East.

Pregnant wife, not that much money (though we had enough to eat etc – dont get me wrong!) ... and of course, no transport either since I sold my car off before moving there.

(Which in hindsight was another one of those moves decided to hamstring yours truly, but hey. All for a good “cause” at the end of the day, the way it turned out!).

And of course, a mother that wanted full control of the baby.

We had got back from some inncolulation or the other. Two month old little girl in my wife’s arms.

And of course, Mommy dearest and wifey dearest got into it again over “who was going to do whatever to the child”.

I gotta side with my wife on that one though – she was right. Mommy’s version was to shove chocolate down her gullet pretty much as soon as she was born. NOT a good idea!

And when all was said and done, or while it was being said and done, Daddy dearest piped up.

“I told you to take your beautiful wife away from here!” he said.


First thing you know, I wasn’t even directly involved in the decision to BE There in the first place. Sure, I did it, but I tried choosing the path of least resistance although I didnt want to.

For a short while, hehe. A fox doesn’t hide it’s true colors for long!

And one thing led to another, and the free bird returned to being free and living A-lone in China.

But it’s funny.

The infamous email episode I’ve mentioned in past emails where I wasn’t even consulted or directly involved, and most certainly did NOT give an “ok” to – and did not even KNOW about until it happened.

And yet, of course, guess who got all the brickbats.

(I didnt hear the end of that for MONTHS afterwards. UGH!)

If you’d ask my Dad why, he’d say “because thats just how it is”.


Maybe in your reality, Dad. I know thats how you prefer it. And thats fine, but I dont.

I’d rather prefer the “Colt Severs” way.

That show wayyyyyyy back in the day that I’m sure ya’ll remember! The “Fall Guy”.

I cannot remember the name of the actor? Hasseloff? Nah, that was Baywatch.

Boobiewatch, hehe.

But this guy was equally beefy, strong as heck, and used to sit in hot tubs smoking cigars with women by his side.

My type of guy.

Fall guy. I think he was a stuntman per his “job” and a bounty hunter “by night”.


He lived a life full of excitement – much like yours truly.

He was the fall guy, yes, but he lived on his OWN terms.

And lest you think this sort of thing is limited to you and him and a few others, think again.

IF Amazon, for one, the most successful company in the world by far goes belly up tomorrow, it won’t be Bezos’s senior team or his wife (who controls 30% of the stock now) (ex wife I shoudl say) that will be blamed.



(On that note, feminists reading this - has there ever been , or will there ever BE a "fall girl"? Not that I know of, hehe. So much for Goose and Gander?)

Of course, do something right and make Amazon into the success it is, and he gets castigated by the majority for offering low wages and crappy work conditions.

Hey, no-one FORCED anyone to work at Amazon, did they?

But anyway.

President Trump for one.

The man’s been nominated thrice for Nobel PEACE prizes and has brokered historic peace deals in the Middle East for one that NO prior president, at least not in recent times has.

Bush. Obama. No-one.

Trump did it.

The reaction?

He gets called a war mongerer for rightly pointing out the real threat to all of us – the PRC leadership. (and the PRC in general).

When he wants to send $2000 checks to people instead of giving it to other countries and being blocked by the Democrats, he ends up getting the flak for it.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, but thats the life of a fall guy!

And yet, how many people at the end of the day can lay claim to doing even a quarter of what he’s done, experienced what he has?

I rest my case.


And I’d rather that life than the “plain staid ole boring life”.

I’ve lived life on my own terms all my life and continue to do so.

I’ve been to places and done things most wouldn’t do in two or three lifetimes.

SO has most likely Trump, and a lot of the other fall guys mentioned here either directly or indirectly.

If you march to your own tune – well – guess what.

It ain’t easy, but it’s rewarding in ways the “beaten path” can never ever begin to give you!

Anyway, where am I going with all this?

Well, it’s this my friend.

My REVOLUTIONARY fitness methods do NOT require you to be the fall guy for one red second – or cent, hehe.

EVERYTHING I give you has been tried and tested by yours truly WAYY (in some cases years and years) before I ever put pen to paper on it.

(In other words, yours truly has and is very willingly the fall guy, guinea pig, and anything else you can think of for EVERYTHING I give YOU).

Therefore (another reason) I do not offer any refunds on anything.

If you do what I ask you to fitness wise, I GUARANTEE that barring a seismic earthquake, global tsunamis, mass plague and what not – you WILL Get to your fitness goals.

And truth be told, you’ll get to ‘em even if the above happen!

And that, my friend is something I can SIGN my name to (and do on the sales pages).

Get on the shtick NOW my friend. Start living a life full of JOY, abundance and fitness.

The way it was always meant to be.

Do it – now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Hilarious, but true. I usually start any and all conversations with my Mom with the following “Yes, I know it’s my fault”. Might as well cut right to the chase eh. LOL.

PS #2 - Funnily enough, if you ask all parties involved in the family thing I mentioend above TODAY as to "if it ever happened", they will hem and haw and say no. When pushed, theyll say yes it happened, but "so what". Of course its Rahul's fault. And even though he wasn't directly invovled, he got the short end of the stick on it anyway. 

It's hilarious, really. 

I used to get pissed off about it before, but now? I welcome it and LAUGH about it. LOL. Some things - thats really all you can do! Makes for a damn good story too, hehe. 

PPS - And in terms of being a pioneer, iconoclast, much hated fitness and bodyweight guru, and a host of other (1114, actually) things ... well, here are 51 MORE pioneering, bucaneering, and unashmaedly SWASHBUCKLING fitness tips to get you in the best shape of your life. Have - at!

PPS #1 - Rule #1. No matter what you do -ENJOY it and then dO IT! I sure do, hehe. 

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