Saturday, 09 January 2021 08:49

Ruskin Bond, “Job Shob”, workouts, creativity and MORE ...

It’s interesting.

My daughter made a comment today to me about reading “Ruskin Bond”.

Seems to be a dude from the UK if I’ve got it right who grew up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day in India, but I’m not sure. I haven’t read much of him, if at all.

I love Jim Corbett and his tiger hunting stories though, hehe. 

But anyway, it seems to be a good read for kids her age, but the comment?

“Reading helps put your thoughts on paper, Dad”, my little one sagely commented.

No doubt she learned that from the person who gave her the book. No prizes for guessing who.

“Does it”, I asked back.

And then I thought about it.

Sure it does.

“It’s a good habit”, I told her.

And then, of course, it had to come.

“Adults don’t have much time for creativity. You know, Dad, they have jobs ...”

And while I have NO idea who actually gave her the book, and I haven’t (obviously) even read it, i think you on my list know.

Think “job shob”.

Think “how dare you “sit at home””.

Think “how dare you drink beer every night in China”.

Think “How dare you go to china and “sit at home””.

Think “If I all did was “sit at home and do nothing”, then I wonder how I’d pay my bills for one...”

And think other moronic bozo like comments.

And you get the photo. Hehe.

But it’s true.

My Dad once had this to say about drinking beer.

“No-one drinks beer every night!”

(This to a comment of me about “relaxing and drinking beer after work”. Apparently no-one does it. I’m pretty sure Mei Yi Jia, 7-11, and a host of other highly successful convenience stores would disagree with him, but hey, who am I to comment eh. LOL.

And in any case, last I checked, India doesnt even HAVE those stores...)

And about job shob ...well, we’ve gone there.

But it’s funny.

The very people that seemingly encourage creativity are the very ones THAT KILL IT later - - at a later stage in life, and then try and cover it up by saying “we made mistakes! You’re the first kid, so ...”

And then of course, turn around say they never said that (while drinking up, curiously enough in complete and utter contravention of what they themselves said years ago. Ah, but wait. I forgot. All OK for Daddy, but not anyone else apparently).

But those creativity killing Bozo like jobs.

Don’t EVEN get me started.

One of the main reasons I worked the jobs I did was initially they all seemed to give me some leeway in terms of doing things, structuring things etc.

IF there is one thing I cannot, and never will and have done, it is this – being a Bozo following orders and nothing else, and doing BORING ass shit.

No way, Jose.

I’d rather sell door to door if it came to that ...

But either way, workouts?

Well, ONE main reason I love my workouts these days is not so much the manifold and many physical benefits, bro.

It’s the massive boost of CREATIVITY I get from these mini workouts throughout the day, a concept I’ve ranted on and on about, and a concept that I’ve rightfully done so for!

These mini workouts do MORE than get you in great shape.

With all the writing I do, I constantly need inspiration, and I dont get it from Bozo Schofields, thats for sure, hehe.

But my workouts DO it.

They enable me to connect to the INSIDE.



Ideas FLOW.

I get inflow – more than I was before!

And every time I Do so, I thank my “lucky stars” (though I made my own luck) that I’ve had the good fortune to, at the end of the day, do what I WANT with my own life, and live life on my OWN TERMS.

And that, my friends is something for you to be grateful about too.

Be grateful you have a life worth living. That you’re not in a third world hellhole or worse where getting food to eat is an issue. That you have all your LIMBS intact. That you ... ah, but you get the picture!

And in that spirit, be grateful for these workouts that get you in the best shape of your life!

Man oh man, I know I AM!

And that said, I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure to check out our book on CORE training right here – Corrugated Core.

PS #2 – Charles the fomer friend once told me “I write about him creatively”. Well, my friend, so can YOU. So can YOU if you just get off your DUFF and do what I’ve asked you to about a bazillion times. Get rid of teh Bozo Shozo ESL nonsense. MAKE something of yourself. DO something ...ah, but wait. All water off a duck’s back, I know. Heh.