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Why I don’t particularly support “bozo logic”, and more (or “boss logic”).

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I saw a post from Chloe, that lady I once brought up here on my LinkedIn (I should say “Shinked-In”, hehe) which said something to the effect of “boss logic being his opinion is right, and yours is wrong”.

Now, I’ve dealt with this sort of rubbish a LOT back when I worked a full time job, most notably with THAT job where after the initiual euphoria of sales galore for the boss wore off (although I dont know – it wouldn’t have for me! Big mistake!) he kept “disagreeing with me”.

Which was a pity, because ... that relationship could really have gone places and in his heart of hearts he knows it, though in public I’m sure he’ll turn it around on yours truly and say “it’s your fault”.

Which he DID do during round #2 of my employment there for a bozo like issue which was really not why he was pissed.

He was pissed because I didnt follow “authority” yet got result doing it MY WAY.

So second time

HA! He thought.

This guy NEEDS a job (to be honest, big fucking mistake rejoining, and it was NOT just my decision, but ah, more on that later!) ... lets screw him over and do what we COULD NOT the last time (because last time yours truly was a SINGLE free bird, hehe).

Lots of my problems started not just at home whem I was young (well, they did, but thats a different tale).

They started after making a decision which I recommend MOST men against NOW.

Getting MARRIED.

Live in. Relationship. Girlfriend. One night or ten night stands. And so forth.

But marriage?

Stay away if you want your T-levels to stay where they are, real man T levels – and especially FIRST marriages.

For some reason, a lot of us do better with the THIRD marriage. Perhaps the age difference and the man’s financial status by then has a lot to do with it.


Anyway, where was I.


The logic shogic.

He went off on a rant about how I should be reporting to person number this and that (who didnt know his ass from a hole in the ground to be honest – I mean thats why I did NOT report to him the first time around and even the second time, the boss made the decisions anyway, but anyway – politics. UGH. I hate it. And will not put up with it!).

No matter what.

But point was, his silly logic.

“I’m right, and you’re wrong”.

And I get this so often from people (or should I say “I USED to get it so often”) that I used to get into arguments with them.

Now, for the most part I just laugh at them.

“Ok, I’m the bozo” I tell them.

This seems to please them no end, and end of silly, meaningless, pointless argument anyway.

(for those of you guys getting in arguments with wives etc - tell them this, and watch them literally hit the ceiling. LOL.) 

I have not advised Chloe to do that – maybe I will. Hehe.

Maybe she’ll actually LISTEN for a change.

But either way, I get the same STUPID arguments from the weightliftters and booby pounders (lifters).

Builders, sorry.

But they probably lift and pound ‘em too, hehe. For them that might just be a workout!

Not to mention lifting their own usually ponderous bellies and man boobies. ...

Why are weights better?

“They just are!”

Why are bodyweight exercises useless?

“They dont build any strength! “Everyone”knows bodyweight stuff is just good for endurance!”

Proof please?

“How dare you ask the obvious!”

Proof to the contrary, please!

“Oh, just go away! We all know!”

And it’s that cacous IMPOTENCY which used to irritate me before, but now makes me laugh if you get my drift.

My advice to anyone on this list dealing with such rubbish.


Big time.

And just say what I did, and watch ‘em SMOULDER in annoyance. Hehe.

Anyway, all of this wouldn’t be complete without my “righteous” plug, hehe. Another one of those Settle terms I so love!

HERE is where you can grab the best damned fitness system ever – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Don’t attempt to convince the BOZOS about it’s efficacy or those that complain it’s too expensive hehe.

They already KNOW it!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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