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If it's irritating THEM - then you are probably doing it RIGHT - and then some!

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I haven't received any flames as yet (emails, hehe) from my last two posts. 

But I'm sure I will down the line 

How dare I. 

I know. 

But I did! 

Sir, Ma'am, and everything in between. Heh. I DID say it, and WILL say it, and CONTINUE to say it (while supporting YOUR right to disagree too). 

If that doesnt jive, you can piss off right about now ... 

Anyway, something funny about the entire Bozo Schofield sage in hindsight, which is always 20/20. 

His trolling (admittedly racist to a T) didnt just piss me off because I tried HELPING him - and because he did what a scorpion does best i.e. sting back. 

(hence the story of the scorpion and the frog on the other site. Glyn, do up a search and you'l find it. I'm sooooo helpful aren't I, hehe). 

It pissed me off because ... well, it IRRITATED me. 

Now, something that has always been borne out through my whole life in ALL REGARDS is this. 

The shoe never stays on my foot.  

Inevitably, inexorably, that Houdini DOES escape, often at the 11th hour. Usually without ANYONE noticing it, and he resurfaces the same way. 

Except when HE puts the shoe on the other foot? 

Well, my friend ,much like the POWER handstand pushups build like I wrote about on the other site , that shoe STAYS PUT. 

"Dhai Kilo Ha Hath" (the 2.5 kg HAND that speaks with FINALITY and BRUTE FORCE, as the INIMITABLE Sunny Deol once said ...) 

But anyway, point is this. 

If you're pissing people off by saying it like it is - guess what. 

It's not because you're wrong. 

IT's because what you say CUTS DEEP and hits 'em where it hurts (such as what I Said about the many flaws, most self made of a certain country in past emails..) 

(Ditto for what I say about China) 

And fitness wise, same thign and why I dont care (actually ENCOURAGE) unsubscribes from ALL my lists, even the other business (except there I do so in a different manner, hehe). 

Because if doing pushups and your insistence on them being the best darn exercises enough pisses folks enough to troll you or send drunken remarkes, guess what. 

You're doing it right. 

When you tell the "weight rules" bozos that squat over 300, but can't do 15 Hindu squats without not being able to walk for days, or get into a special squat position yours truly has made WORLD Famous ... well, they get pissed. 

Because they know what you're saying is RIGHT. Hehe. 

And when you tell the duffers that wanna do pull-ups but cant, well, same thing. 

Case in point what a former friend sent me about pull-ups. HIs drunken rants weren't so much drunken as IRRITATED. 

BEcause what I said - HIT THE SPOT. 


And I've never shied away from bringing it up ever since. 

Same person bitched up a storm when I wrote about China and it's military aggression against India. 

How dare I say anything about his China. HEhe. And he ain't Chinese! 

A person on LinkedIN said it the best when he said these dancing monkeys have pained themselves into a corner where they literally HAVE no place to go other than China, and so even if someone else talks about the country and NOT them in any way shape or form they feel compelled to jump in to pseudo-jingoistically defend both their and their adopted country's non existent honor. 

Sad, but true. Especially when NO-ONE needs to be without options, least of all not being able to return home. 

Unless it's Bozo Glyn on the lam from cops for running into a brick wall or what not when driving stone cold DRUNK. 

So he says (brick wall). 

Judging by how SCARED he is to bring that topic up, I'm not so sure it wasn't more. I dont know, of course. But ... 

Anyway, enough on the Bozo. Ugh. 

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Rahul Mookerjee