Tuesday, 19 January 2021 11:40

Ah, the SHEER JEALOUSY dripping from the one and only BOZO Schofield’s words. I LOVE IT!

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I loved it back then too!

But I didn’t do much about it, hehe.

I was being kind.

Which I always am to EVERYONE unless they prove they don’t deserve it.

To be honest, it’s been very few people in my own circle that have been that way.

I might not GET ALONG with Charles (the friend) for one.

(he probably hates my guts in some regards too. And that fine!) 

But would I ever troll him – spread lies – baseless rumors – or misinformation about him for one?

OR any of the other people I have “disagreements” with?

( dont think HE would either)

No way, Jose.

No-one deserves that.

Not me. Not you. Not no-body ..unless they’re Glyn Bozo on Drugs and in A** Schofield, both in their wild dreams and fanciful imaginations which “peter” (pun very much intended!) out at the mere THOUGHT or “requirement” of doing something.

The bozo often bitched about the women I attracted.

You know what “C…..” ( I won’t mention the name, hehe) said about him once?

(I’m not mentioning the name because Bozo knows TWO people by that name)

“Maybe she wants more than your tongue …. …. A**”

You get the point, LOL.

Maybe they all did, not to mention he’s a pyscho from hell and even Hannibal would run for the hills.

But anyway, I trie helping him. A LOT.

More than other people.

Listened to his madness, couseled him for FREE, gave him valuable advice, and what did he do?

Well, a scorpion never changes its colors, and my bad, perhaps for thinking that this one would. He CAN be extremely persuasive while playing the “lost little boy” role. Perhaps thats why (well thats one reason) he’d on the lam – he’d never last a MINUTE (and hed love picking up the soap too. Hehe).

But anyway … I still remember it.

The first time I sent him rahulmookerjee.com. (he didn’t know it). 


I had a bad feeling.

Right there and then.

But I ignored it for once.

Big mistake.

“I write books on BDSM too” I told him.

Just to see what he said.

And true enough, he and another person “wanted to read ‘em”.

No prizies for guessing who the “other person is”.

But that little angel on my shoulder, perhaps a female one (I know, Glyn. Poor you, wanking that wanker LOL) told me NOT To.

I didn’t.

Good I didnt/

Or he’d be having a field day there too.

But then again, on second thoughts, maybe I’ll put the URL here.

I would SO LOVE a sales boost like I’m getting on the fitness stuff from the Bozo (or “Keith James”, LOL’s trolling) …

“Mate, you’re ajoke! BDSM! Fitness!”


He might have well been on his period. LOL.

Come to think of it he probably was, and as “Mr. Samurai” (as I like to call one of my customers who at the age of 60 PLUS can do stuff that would make a man 1/3rd his age GAPE) would say, maybe he “needs a tight slap across the face”.


I love it how English is used in the UK, LOL.

Poor Bozo...

But anyway, my wife and mom often get into it too, and my wife had this to say about my mom.

“She secretly copies a lot of what I do”

Now, you ont his list is well aware of the fact I do NOT get along with either.

Facts speak though, bro.

And my wife might be a lot of things, and might not be a lot of things, but a good MOM she is.

She would do anything for my daughter. Perhaps the reverse for me, but thats ok. I’ll live with it – happy to, hehe.

Because … ;) Well, we wont go there here.

But I would too (for my daughter) so I get it.

But really, and as I told her.

“They only copy or get jealous or fight because they see something in the person in front of them THEY don’t have”.

Sage my friend.

And that bit of crowy self promotion aside, I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The Bozo chose the picture on Shoulders like Boulders! To troll, because guess what. That LOOK in the eye hit him!


PS #2 – Ditto for “Eat More – Weigh Less”.

As they say, the knife that cuts the deepest. Ah, Glyn, ain’t you just “luvin it”from yours truly COWBOY?

No bareback mountain for me though, sorry, but I know a couple of shemales around in lockdown #2 China I could send your way. That sound nice? LOL gain.

PPS - Daniela, thank YOU for all the translation. You truly are SO nice. THE BEST!

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