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The lesson I (should have learnt) from the Italian family that owned that AWESOME pizza joint in Schnectady!

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I’m not sure if it’s still around.

But way back in the day, these guys were there – best pizza in the entire state of “The Socialist Democratic Republic of New York”.

(The People's Republic is an epithet I save for CALIFORNIA!)

(The PRC no less, hehe). 

While it’s reached giddy limits under their current governor Cuomo, it was bad enough back in the day in 2002, I believe.

There was this STEEP hill there which was supposed to be a hideout for crime gangs and other notorious characters, and hills?

OF course I’d know about it!

But what I didn’t know, coming from the US South, and what the cops later told me was this.

“Don’t go there alone”, was what one friendly copper advised me.

(and my then girlfriend).

Why not, we asked.

He told us.

“Even the cops don’t show up here without an army”, he laughed (curiously enough the same dialog Denzel said in Training Day when showing up in the hood. Of course, Denzel WAS the hood, so thats different!)

And he went on to say that due to restrictive laws etc, the CRIMINALS were roaming around the city with IMPUNITY while the cops?

Did what they could.

And I’m sure any cop, or ex cop reading this will “feel” me.

Not the case down South, my friend, where gun ownership is FAR easier for people than up North and West.

When the LAW abiding people own guns, crime goes down.

The other way around just doenst work my friend.

Try telling the idiot anti-NRA or what not that tho …

Anyway , this ain’t about guns.

It’s about the pizza joint, and an Italian family that ran the BEST damn pizza joint I’ve ever eaten at !


Believe me, while Dongguan has it’s own version of pizza (lip smacking!) - it is NOTHING compared to what I ate up there.

Papa Johns doesn’t come close. Dominoes and Pizza hut aren’t even in the same galaxy.

We made a beeline for that place every tim ewe could.

By taxi, since yours truly only rented a car there on weekends …

Good ole Enterprise Rent a Car, hehe.

But it was that good we made a beeline for it in TAXIS.

During Monday Night RAW!

I still remember GOBBLING the pizza up so quickly one night that my girl at the time looked at me unbelievingly.

“Just three pieces left”, she told yours truly “hog”.

(Worry not. We had a great eatery right next door with the best “orange” chicken wings ever. Some Afghan guys were doing it. Best ever!)

(and we ordered that for her. She loved ‘em!)

(No wonder I became as big as a house despite the hills, lol).

But anyway, point?

Is that these guys (pizza dudes) had a clientile that was LINED up out there in the COLD weather to get their pizza!

It didn’t matter if it rained, snowed, sleeted, or hailed, a combo therein (the year I was there was mild, but I froze my butt off anyway) …

They were THERE!

And the restaurant was TINY.

But guess what.

The dude who ran the place just wouldn’t either get delivery – OR a bigger place.

“It’ll lose the home cooked feel”, was all he’d say.

And though I didn’t get it then (Well I did but not entirely) – now?

I get it!

And he’s right.

The minute he goes commercial and mainstream is the minute he loses his devoted BASE that would do ANYTHING to get at his stuff …

(and his was the best, so rightly so!)

But there’s a lesson in here for all of you (same one I learnt).

My stuff ain’t mainstream – as yet.

(some is, but not the bulk)

Most people scoff at it (while remaining Bozos, while the rest of us that get it go on to get in the best shape of our LIVES at BREAKNECK SPEED!).

But yours truly actively tells people that ain’t got it to STAY AWAY – much like pizza dude told those who complained about “no delivery” to go to Papa’s or what not.

Did it hurt his sales tho?

Not an inkling my friend.

Same thing for me.

But guess what.

One of my GREAT, best customers Charles Mitchell once told me that “if I make my stuff easier, I’d appeal to MORE people”

(This is in response to an email about people that don’t get it!)

But Charles gets it!

“But that would mean changing who you ARE!”

And he’s right -and he said it better than I ever could.

Hard hitting info in a decidely NOT Fancy package – and NOT cheap either my friend.

Thats me.

And that stuff delivers RESULTS, if you just do it.

And if you don’t?

That little “unsubscribe” link be a beckoning, hehe.

Anyway, enough on this.

Get the BEST damned fitness system right now – right HERE

I look forward to welcoming YOU aboard.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and jump yourself fit right HERE.


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