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Everything in life is a SALE my friend.

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If there is one thing I tell my daughter almost daily, it is this.


And no, I am not saying that because the inimitable Trumpinator said it.

In fact I Didnt even know he said it until 2020!

But I’ve lived my entire life that way – and guess what. WE ALL DO!

You “sell” yourself on a daily basis my friend.

To friends. Co-workers. To your COLLEAGUES – and CUSTOMERS. To your spouse. To your …

(and believe me, all of those relationships take work and selling in some way, shape or form!).

I’m from a family where for the most part sales people are treated as pariahs, and thought of as “easy money”.


As a colleague of mine once rightly said, if that were to be true, why would CEO’s of ALL companies – REAL CEO’S do one thing – SALES?

Dont get me wrong.

Your product is damn important.

If you talk up a big game, but your execution doesn’t back it up, your and you have wasted your time (and I give you examples of this in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, a book which is steadily climbing up both the sales charts and the hater charts, hehe. Both happen together for a reason!)

But really, sales is what DRIVES anything – companies included.

If you don’t sell hard enough in life – fitness – business – whatever … well.

You’ll have skinny kids!

And I don’t mean FIT skinny kids either. Hehe.

On that note, do remember to pick up Kiddie Fitness – with the entire world in lockdown shockdown over this damned Chinese plague, it’s the BEST gift you can give your little one. Trust me. And if you follow along, even better!

But anyway, the other things I tell my daughter (with all the pressure she seems to be getting for those ridiculous and RETARED online classes).

That in life, makin ga DEAL is what counts.


Never stop attackin – anything!

Be physcially FIT – the RIGHT WAY!

Be good – damned good at handstand training. The extra blood flow to the head results in far more than physical benefits!

And so forth.

Along with that, I tell her to be a good COMMUNICATOR (by that I don’t just mean language).

How to NEGOTIATE your way through life.

Yes, how to SELL your way through life!

And many other things (when I can).

And deep down inside, I can feel it.

She’s tuning out the BS already .

End of the day, much like those that hate me, ultimately they all “Follow” me.

And if there is one thing I want my daughter to be?

Not a follower.


If Kamala Harris can do it, my daughter damned well can. If she wants!

But anyway, to lead you have to LEARN first.

And you have to be willing to put in the “time in the trenches”.

And a lot more, and that forms the backbone of all my courses.

My stuff’s not for those that want quick fixes.

You gotta work at it. HARD!

And if you don’t, I don’t want you ANYWHERE NEAR my stuff.

Really. I don’t.

Thats why I have a very long list of people I do NOT want on the 0 Excuses Ship sales page (most have told me not to put it there, butI did, and will. The bigger the sale, the less people I want!)

Anyway, thats the stream of consciousness for now. Be sure and pick up a product or two, oh, and some comic relief before parting.

Here is what Glyn Bozo Hannibal Schofield the one and only XXXXXV had to say about Kiddie Fitness


Awful, terribly written, horrid author (RM - yeah. How dare I. How horrid I BE, LOL)

Having a four year daughter myself I thought I would try this. A friend I first met in Seoul, Korea, a certain Charles R T Bingham the Third recommended this book (turned out he was trolling me). Ineffably bad, it seems to have been written by a small and particularly stupid child. Avoid.

(RM - That “Bingham” is the Charles that helped him more than anyone else. Need any more proof of the Bozo being a SCORPION - - well there it IS!)

(I wonder if I should send this to Charles. Nah. I’ll let it be).

In the meantime tho …

Sometimes, you can’t help but LAUGH – UPROARIOUSLY!

(much like a certain “Thomas from South Africa” ..ah, another story for another time tho).

Bozo Schofield, you’re indeed the best. Keep it up!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The Bozo got immensely worked up about the advanced book on pull-ups as well, hehe. I wont post his review here, but check out the book right HERE. You’ll love it!

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