Friday, 22 January 2021 09:39

Logic, my friend ain’t “twisting words around”.

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It’s just that.

Cold, hard logic.


And the reason that most SJW’s and Nazi feminists (and if you’re one of them, believe me, you ain’t alone. The list of my haters is far, far, far longer than those that can’t get enough of me, hehe)

(Yes, it’s true).

And anyway, why they hate me so much isn’t so much my penchant for getting to the point, being brutally honest and saying it like it IS.

Not for calling people out either necessarily.

It’s for saying what THEY don’t want to hear in a MANNER that THEY don’t like (because they find it offensive).

Por ejempelo, the ole discussion about “I’d rather learn English from a white person” that a friend (we won’t name him here, hehe, but you on the list KNOW) made to me.

“If it’s Mexican food, I’d rather have a Mexican cooking it!” 

“So, I don’t blame the Chinese for wanting white people to teach. “Real” English”.

Now, I love me a bit of rabble rousing and controversy, and I do it all the time.

But when it borders on the absurd and insane?

I’d rather stay away.

Like dude, get real.

Are you saying I’m a better cook of Indian food than all the great WHITE chefs that cook it?

Hell, I can’t even cook me a damn tortilla, let alone Indian food!

Are you saying that Chinese raised and born in the US of A speak “English any less better” than anyone else raised and born therE?

Maybe they do. 

Does that mean no other person of no other race does?

I mean, dude, come on.

Gotta get past the absurd eh.

And when I Called him out on it last yer, he sent me an angry rant (comment) along the lines of “don’t misquote me”.

Well, my dear friend Charles, I didn’t misquote you.

Curiously enough you admitted that in your comment as well.

“Yes, I said that”.

I mean, logic is logic bro.

And just because you “want” people to agree with you on inanity doesn’t mean they will.

Bozo Schofield might.

He does, as you well know!

But even an idiot like that knows the pointless “road” that arguments like that lead to.

Hence why his latest email to me about “I’m not racist! I have black friends!” 

Ah yes.

The typical cloak behind which Hannibal hides.

“I love eating me some French ….(I can’t remember the word”

All the while serving his guests human liver with Cianti wine.


Hannibal – Anthony Hopkins was a CLASSIC.

Not so much Bozo Schofield, well, he’s a classic from the bottom. LOL again. And he loves bottoms, too, so I guess thats a moniker he’ll be nigh on thrilled with.

Bozo Bottom Schofield, ttruly the bottom of the barrel.

No, Charles, you’re not in that category. You never were.

Neither are you in the SJW or Nazi feminist category.

Curiously enough on that note, the real feminists, those that believe in REAL and true EQUALITY and they are a fast dwindling “breed” can’t get enough of me.

As can’t the Latinas either apparently. Hehe.

Or chinese.


Saying it like it is.

And on that note, if YOU (and I ain’t referring to any one person either) wanna look like a movie star, get in the best shape of your life, get that V shape to your back – attract members of the opposite sex like there is no tomorrow, get into STUD like shape that will piss Bozos and tom tommers off no end, and more …

Well, then there MANY things you could do

The Jim Shim ain’t one of them though. And the expanding Belly of Buddha and the Glutenous Maxius of Plenty proves that “adding more weight on to the bar” doesn’t necessarily do squat (pun intended) eithe rin terms of real world strength or looks, or even confidence (hey, lets face it. These bench pressers are ALL wanting to do pull-ups and handstand pushups!).

And the quickest way to get there?

The biggies.

The BIG exercises.



Handstand pushups (or pushups if you can’t do ‘em).

Let me tell you, fella.

ONE workout – a solid workout including the above – will do MORE for you in terms of real fitness than a WEEK or more of moseying around and complaining about machines, plague shague, girl shirl, bimbo shimbo at the Jim Shim will. 

You’ll start to feel it, in some cases, almost instantly.

And as the fat starts to literally fly off your body, you’ll wonder why it took so long to become a convert, hehe.

And I’ll be standing there to welcome you.

Not with garlands, hehe.

Not with the “hui gwani” these Chinese gals do (hey Freddie, I forgot the Pin yin! But thats what it sounds like!)

I’ll be there with a slap on the back and an exhort to do MORE, not less.

And a kick up the RUMPUS too if you don’t do it, hehe.

And on that very sage (do sages do all this? LOL) note, I’ll be back.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can find out how to do “swami” (a close enough Hindi term for SAGE) pull-ups – Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD within weeks.

(And become a super stud at pull-ups while you’re at it too).