Friday, 22 January 2021 09:58

More on pre-concieved notions and why I gotta say it – yet again!

I might be beating a dead horse here.

I probably am, since those that don’t wanna listen won’t anyway.

… I take that back.

They’re sneakily checking yours truly’s posts emails and “what new books does he have up” right during their busy little days, and while trolling galore …

But anyway, an ex of mine, wayyy back in the day once wanted to cook “Tandoori Chicken”.

Huh. I said when I first heard it.

She was a Southern Gal, as white as white can be.

Blond hair.

Blue eyes.

The “whole shebang” if you get my drift.

And she cooked GREAT Southern style food. Especially biscuits for breakfasts. Sausage biscuits.

I literally ate so many of them daily that not only did I turn into “el fatty hog el SUPREMO” (and was happy about it!) but she got tired of making them.

And irritated half the time when I asked her to make ‘em.

“You eat them all!” was what she said once.

Well, isn’t that a compliment?

LOL. Further, no-one EVER once stopped her from eating them too. She just didn’t want to.

Anyhow, this isn’t about her.

Or women.

But it’s about what I said in the last email.

Glenn, a chef I know from Australia could probably cook up some great Tandoori too.

Also white as white can be, and a great guy!

Now, my ex.

The chicken turned out pretty good, but being it was done in an oven as opposed to clay tandoor (brick oven) it naturally didn’t taste the same 

Nikhil, an Indian friend of mine asked me about it.

And assumed, of course that it wouldn’t tur out well.

“She cooked it”, I Said.

Befor eI could go any further, he chirped up.

“Acha nahi bana hoga”.

“It probably wasn’t good”.


I mean, first thing you know, at least she TRIED.

Second, if it didn’t taste good it didn’t. But it wasn’t that bad at all!

My point in saying this is .. oh, and Glenn could probably do up a great Tandoori too, hehe.

Anyway, my point in saying this – is ..well, you get it.

I’m sur eyou do by now with no less than 5 emails on it!

(either direct or roundabout).

Is that preconcieved notions are STUPID.

“You can’t speak English because you’re not white” go the Chinese.

A while later they show up at your truly’s doorstep paying him big bucks to teach just that – English.

And in three months, they speak better than the rest of the class, because ethey got more education than they ever bargained for. LOL.

Don’t believe me?

Ask “Madam” Carol, and she’ll tell ya!

True story, bro, and there are plenty of other such true stories.

And thats that for now. Hope the horse is finally put to rest and “in the other Universe” by now, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – DROP the asinine notion of “Jim shim being necessary to get fit”, my friend. It ain’t true. You know it. You’ve seen plenty of proof. Yet, you continue to hang on to this absurd notion of “without the machines and weights nothing is possible”.

Yes is is bro. Oh yes, it is!

(and by “you” I don’t necessarily mean you on the list, I mean in general).