Saturday, 23 January 2021 08:50

Recreating the life you had “there” … HERE!

What I’m about to say is something that might resonate very deeply with a lot of you on this list, so listen up.

I have been hearing a LOT from people that can’t travel (internationally) or go places etc, and nowhere do I hear this more than in the PRC.

Not about the Chinese wanting to travel so much (Xi has pretty much brainwashed or bullied the majority into the “china velly velly good everything else velly velly false” routine) as expats etc trying to get back to the middle Kinkdom, hehe.

I say kink for a reason …

Anyway, a lot of English teachers keep asking me “when China will open back up”.

They know the answer, of course.

When their own nations do!

And right about now, international travel is exactly, once we’re past all the Biden hoo haa etc where it is when this mess spread to the ROW.


Now, a lot of ESL teachers etc are jumping up and down not just because of loss of income, but because … well, their LIFESTYLE has been completely uprooted and taken away from them.

China has a different lifestyle than most other countries, my friend.

Very different in many ways, especially down to the “deliveries with a smile etc” – yes, there ARE some things the Commie dictatorship does WELL!

Anyway, point is this.

Last night, I spoke with Cicy a friend of mine that has bought into the “xi” line hook, sinker, and ...well, you get the drift.

I wrote about that before.

But amidst everything else, she DID say one good thing.

“Why don’t people try to recreate their lives as it was there – in their own nations!”

Now, that was sage (though she doesn’t know it).

And positive too.

Dont get me wrong.

Not for a minute should we forget what China did to the ROW.

But remember, right about now, the ONLY option is to think positive.

The only way to go is GO … UP!

And as Napoleon Hill said, your big opportunity may be where you’re at now, my friend.

And it usually is.

Believe me, EVERY time I’ve been in a hole anywhere, I’ve applied myself mentally, and I’ve come out tops – no matter what!

It’s happened so many times to “ole Houdini” that I simply cannot tell you how right Hill was!

And fitness wise, same thing.

YES, you CAN recreate the glory of the ole days!

YES, you CAN get into the sort of shape you were when you were “young” – even better!

And I should know.

I was in crappy shape at 19.

WORSE at 21.

Great at 25.


And post 35,36?

Never been in better shape!

So can you, my friend.

So can YOU!

And I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Erecting tenthouses can be fun. More on this later!