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The sorry tale of a troll, and a free education on how to DEAL with them

This really should be in the second book on “10 Commandments of Successful Sales”.


Well, Trolls have made your truly SO many sales until date (without even trying in most cases) that it “beggars belief”.

There’s many ways to draw ‘em out of the woodwork, of course. I’ll go into more detail in that in a future email. Actually, I already have last year. Hehe.

But for now, lets take a look at (part of) the email a customer from (I believe) Russia of all places sent me.

Short, crisp, to the point.

“I like your book!

But who is Scofied??”

(He isn’t on my list but he’s been reading my stuff).

So, and for those of you that want a “speedy” DL on who the guy he is (wrt the trolling, let me try and give it to you here “in a few words”).

OK, so in 2016 or so, I believe, I was getting tired of monkey jobs approaching me (with damned good pay I must say). I turned ‘em down left right and center.

(Before that, in 2014, I started a WeShat group called “Keeping it Real in China” which a few years later I gave up, as it had (as Alex rightly pointed out) “stopped serving the purpose I created it for” and quite frankly I didn’t have the time for it anymore).

In the midst of all this, I saw a post by some clown on some group claiming “Some rich guy wanted teachers”, and apparently only “white teachers” according to Schofield (the guy).

I introduced him to a few groups etc. Invited him into my own. Ugh. Big mistake.

Almost from the outset he was batty.

Trolled and bullied anyone he could get his grubby little hands on.

Spread lies in public forums about people (a certain “Roney” probably remember it. We all do!)

And in general stayed drunk and jumping from one monkey job to the other with a bot in hand.

(More than a bot, the coke or what not).

I could write a book (with proof) on this idiot, so to keep it short (LOL) -

I called him out on some BS in 2016.

His response was to block me on WeShat, spread racist memes about me (apparently “only whites belong in the Southern US” according to the Blow-field – come to think of that, Schofield with his insane rants on “cuckolds” would love to blow a field – ugh – but LOL) and in general troll me any way, shape or form he could.

While a certain Charles knew about it, but didn’t do much or tell me about it …

He dragged him into the muck too.

And he did even more vicious things to him. Stole from him. Hit on his “girl”. Sent her messages that honestly if it were me, I’d have taken a 9 mm or something to him.

(not really, but you get the point).

He trolled a whole bunch of other people. Stole money from women left right and center. Got his ass deported or what not (remember, he blocked me on WeShat, so I couldn’t reply to him).

And much more, all the while trolling yours truly, which I got pissed over initially, but then ignored.

(Believe me, this is the “icing” on the cake. I haven’t gotten to the cake!)

I forgot about him.

He likely did time somewhere (apparently he didn’t have a phone).

Enter 2020, that year when all hell broke loose everywhere, and the Bozo likely tired of lockdown shockdown showed up.

Sent me pictures through Charles begging me to be friends.

I didn’t reply. End of story.

Troll boy got pissed.

Troll boy started sending me insane emails and signing up for my site with even more insane monikers whch I blocked, but then ignored again.

No time to deal with “el troll” while writing Pushup Central for one, heh.

(Along with the book on isometrics, jumping rope and ANIMAL kingdom conditioning - one of my best courses!) 

But then the emails got personal.

And while I won’t say what pissed me off the most (yes, Glyn, I KNOW you’re dying for me to tell you, but I won’t) - - I gave it back.

Yours truly hides his strength and bides his time, and truth be told, I did that for FAR too long with him.

He should have (as a customer wisely said) got that slap across the face a long, long time ago!

But if someone attacks me, I don’t curl up into a ball.

I attack back.

X 1000.

And I did it on my list, to my considerable audience and so forth, and the Bozo got pissed.

How dare I, he wailed. I just did it on WeShat.

Well, Blowfield, it ain’t my problem if you’re too lazy to build a business or make a life for yourself.

X 10000 like I Said!

Trumpinator philosophy as well, and I’ve ALWAYS been that way. I just let you “be” for a while because we were friends before, but the gloves were truly taken off in 2020.

He realized he was getting nowhere. He stewed some more. 

He then had an “aha” monent! (and so should I, hehe, after the dream I had on Sep 26).

Prophetic indeed as many of my dreams are. A huge fat “Bozo Schofield” showed up, and then after a lot of blasting away, fell to the ground and melted away.

Two days later, I saw he posted inane reviews of my products all over the Internet which were so childlike and juvenile that not only were people laughing but I was making sales left, right and CENTER From it.


(Check out my products on folks – along with reviews from REAL customers!)

He probably thought he’d “destroy me”.


The Bozo forgot I come from a long line of – well, actually I don’t, I LEARNED this – he forgot that I WELCOME trolls. LOL.

I’m not “Andy”, or “Josie”, or “Roya”, or any of the others, you nutzo I should have told him.

But if I had, it would have spoilt the fun! LOL.

And I wouldn’t have made half the sales I did (off him).

Now, latest is Amazon has blocked his account (they’re cracking down on trolls big time).

So he’s posting through alters called “Keith James” and so forth.

(Curiously enough, he trolled me with memes of Shoulders like Boulders too. Those Brahma Bull Shoulders really hit the Bozo where it hurt, LOL - even his alter "Keith" is at it for that book, hehe)

He’s wailing about how I don’t “allow bad reviews”.

Um. I don’t own Amazon, brah. ‘nuff said.

And I welcome your posts, Bozo. Do post some more – I check for it every morning, because that CHA CHIN in the ole bank account it leads to is without comparison, hehe.

I knew I’d keep it short, so I’ll end here, at no less than FOUR pages.

Like I said, my friends – don’t get me started – on anything!

I rant a lot (hence the people that say “you send too many audios”! And never listen – and hebce they’re NOT in my life no more – if you can’t listen, read, or have a sensible discussion, I Dont WANT YOU in my life).

And this Chapter – or this post – or email – will be either the preface, or a GOLDEN rule in the SECOND and upcoming edition of “10 Commandments of Successful Sales”, which gives you actually 20 and more . . .

So for those of you not versed with the Bozo, thats a bit of a rundown.

All for now.

For our great fitness and inspirational products that are getting the WORLD in super shape and inspiring millions, go HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be on the outlook for a tale of how (and I said this before, but I’ll probably say it again) a simple “I don’t want to speak Chinese or learn it” rant from yours truly led to TONS Of trolls coming out of the wood work. I think Gorilla Grip was the book that profited the most, hehe.

(curiously enough on Amazon again).

PS #2 - A lot of you might be wondering why I didnt tell him anything PERSONALLY. Well - you know now, hehe. Or you should. Remember, never attempt to wrestle a pig. Bring the fight - -to YOUR DOORSTEP - your FIELD! (no blowing tho, Scofield LOL) 

PPS - Hope you got some value from this. A LOT of folks should, given the nasty behavior going on out there ...