Monday, 25 January 2021 09:04

Segis’s SPANISH sausage (I’d eat ‘em!) - Bozo Blowfield, and more . . .

“Why, Rahul why!”

This chant has been uttered by many a Bozo and Nazi feminist, and anyone (a very long list of people) that don’t like me (the list grows – unlike a certain sausage, LOL) …

“Why do I do what I do”

“Why am I the way I am”

Well, to all these people I’d smile and say “well, cuz…”

But sausages aside (no it ain’t what you’re thinking – and while it’s Spanish, yes, it ain’t what you’re thinking there either) . . . let me get into it a bit on Schofield Blowfield.

Who’d probably literally blow and eat his …

(The Chinese actually do that with tiger “sausages”. Really. They breed tigers to make soup from …!)

Anyway, years ago, the Bozo and his trolling habits were well known to me as administrator of the “Keeping it Real” WeShat group I administered.

And I watched him (often silently, before rebuking him later – which of course he had no choice but to accept, hence the secret trolling he did me for years before he “ousted himself” pretty much) relentlessly just BULLY folks until they literally cried.

He thought it was a badge of honor.

Clearly he aint “met me” (he has once, but he was nothing but scruplously polite there, hehe).

Clearly he ain’t met my buddy from the Marines.

And clearly he ain’t met the 0 Excuses gang.

We don’t take bullying. In fact, we attack back x 1000.


And we don’t think very highly of bullies to start with!

But anyway, there was a dorky type of dude “Andy” in the group (I won’t reveal his nick here).

And Bozo relentlessly trolled him (while spreading false and untrue rumors about “Roney”, and some of that were downright malicious really. Bill probably done forgot. I Dont know. But he made tons of stickers of him too, and so forth …) to the point he couldn’t bear it.

Not everyone is of the same bent of mind as yours truly is in that regard, so I remember dude breaking down often.

And it was just plain ole BULLYING.

Bozo was told to stop, and he did, but he started up again soon enough.

And if there is one thing I can’t stand it’s bullying.

He did it to me.

I let it go.

He did it again.

I let it go, for old times sake.

But he truly done “dug his own grave” in 2020 with his inane nonsense.

Just so y’all know, the Bozo ain’t the only one I’ve targetted i.e. called out. There is a very long list of trolls I have called out in the past too on OTHER sites, in person etc . . .

He’s just the most insane and recent one (most left me to my caveman devices after they realized they were making me money, not the other way around).

Anyone, Segis. Sausages, you ask.

Well, he sells some great sausages in China – imported especially from Spain apparently.

He also doesn’t have an inkling I’m mentioning him here.

But much like with Bartolinis (and Susan helped me a LOT – thank you!) - this is a shout out to HIM – and if anyone wants to do business in that regard with a reliable, friendly and great guy – let me know – and I’ll “hook” y’all up!

Some great food he sells, especially from the pictures (from what I gather Spain has fine women, but fine pork too, hehe. )

And so it goes . . .

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Build plenty of “powerful sausage” on your ARMS and chest with THIS course right here – and of course – don’t forget PULL-ups!