Thursday, 28 January 2021 09:24

The ONE drawback of taking a squat (or sitting in it!) “Asian style”

Well, those of you used to “The Throne” – the “Room of Honor” – the whatever various video “sh-deos” call it (you’re very well aware of my general distaste for these damned videos!) might point out several.

One being what I thought for many years, that being “it’s dirty”.

Not really.

Thats what the Chinese think about Western toilets too, and it’s not necessarily true …


No imagination and upset tummies please!

Some may say its hard to get into.

Some may say … but NONE will think of this, lol.

Or perhaps you did.

My wife apparently (from what I understand - - she still has NOT given me full details on it) got into an accident of sorts.

I think I wrote about it before, but she was on a two wheeler or something, and then a car came in front of her, and then she “hit a speed bump” or something, and the damn thing almost fell over on her right ankle.

Women have the most annoying and aggravating ways in general, as many of you know!

Like Panourgias from Greece does, hehe.

“I can relate to what you say about women! I’ve had troubles with them. Women are the same everywhere!”

Sage, lol.

And of course, the great John Walker, one of the best ever, with his commment about how his wife tells him not to exercise so he wont get a heart attack.


And he figured he’d be better off NOT discussing that with her. As he said, “talking to a brick wall would make more sense. LOL”.

Anyway, my wife when I asked her a couple of weeks ago (And apparently despite being a fitness expert – unofficial – back in the day, the tendon still hasn’t healed, and yours truly thumb popping out in the handstand position in FREEZING cold weather did the next day, or that evening – ‘nuff said??) had the following to say.

“Nunya biz!” she replied in a gay sort of manner.

No, Schofield, not THAT gay. You know, the UK uses certain words differently.

Despite what you might hope, hehe (being Schofield is the type that is so desperate that he hits on his so called best friends’s women galore, and while they all call him an idiot, some do get temporarily suckered in until the Hannibal emerges, and emerge it does LOL)

But yeah, this ain’t about women. Neither is it a rant against ‘em.

How dare I.

They’re always right. LOL. More ways than ONE!

LOL again.

Anyway, as I asked her today about the injury I posed the question.

Remember, my lovely wife is another one of those people who thinks “The Throne” is dirty, hehe.

And that the Asian style is a far better way.

It IS, to be honest. Even I’m a convert after I wrote and tested Animal Kingdom Workouts!

And I’ve been doing those workouts a while, but what I’ve learnt NOW in terms of constipation and such like most people experience?

Well, Panourgias introduced me to some great books on it for one.

But yours truly has learnt some things NOT in those books he WILL be putting out in the near future!

Yes, Panourgias. Those books on LIFE will be coming out (in the meantime, perhaps Zero to HERO! Is one you might enjoy).

But anyway, point of this?

What if your ankle is sprained, and you gotta take a dump, or plain ole use the bathroom Asian style?

Well, I don’t know …

One legged squats or the ability to to do ‘em wouldn’t work so well there either, hehe.

(Probably why I keep telling people to focus on the BASICS. Really, the advanced stuff is great, but the basics are what count!)

And if my wife had been working out regularly instead of pooh poohing it, she’d likely have recovered a lot faster.

Ah well, what can I say except “the brick wall would make more sense”.

And I ain’t got a cast iron head.

Black heart, thick skin, but no cast iron head as yet, lol.

As for Glyn Schofield, I can tell he’s thinking about that right about now. LOL!

And on that note, I’ll endeth this one. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I think I’m done trolling the Bozo back for now. Don’t want him jumping off a building or something. I need him and his posse around for the future too, hehe.

PS #2, - But really, he’s another one of those STINK BOMBS I mention in Animal Kingdom Workouts. Literally. I’ve experienced being in the same room with him. UGH. And I don’t mean bad breath either!


PPS – I was gonna post this on the other site, but this one came to mind. Such is life, in the flow ..