Saturday, 30 January 2021 11:01

Why my Dad and wife agree on more than they care to admit, hehe

It’s funny.

You on this list know “how it BE at home” (when yours truly is there).

Paradoxcially enough, even when the problem isn’t there (yours truly, hehe) – the problem persists.

Like a lingering plague no-one wants to talk about (I aint referring to Covid “show vid” here either) but its there.

A festering sore, or wound if I may.

And of course, yours truly is the target for all of it externally in many ways.

Internally, it’s a WHOLE different ball of wax for all involved.

Now, what do I mean by this?

Well, that thing my Dad tried to instil me growing up about “if you can do more, you’ll be expected to do more”.

Of course, when it came to pay or benefits, no mention was made of the same.

Hey, fair enough. He’s got his own ways of thinking … which apparently work for HIM.

Not for yours truly they never have.

And my wife is of the same bent of mind, whether she admits it or not.

Personally, though for me, I’ve never quite understood this, and to me it conjures up one word long term.

EXCUSE. Big time!

I mean, I get it.

If a person, especially a family member is having a tough time, you SUPPORT that person.

Curiously enough for me, all my life it’s been the opposite.

That is fine.

But when “you can do more” translates into the other person being entitled and flat out LAZY – well – it ain’t on bro.

My wife and mom often use the excuse of “you ran away to China!”

Um, not.

I didn’t “run away”.

Second, thats exactly what the infamous by now Schofield told me in one of his lengthy rants.

“Abandonedhiswifeandkids” was what he sent me.

Apparently this joker missed the part about “what he did”, “how he stole money from friends – trusted friend – hit on their women despit ebeing rebuffed”, “roundly trolled people like yours truly (of course, he didn’t bargain on the Black Mamba giving it back, hehe”, did drugs, got deported, used and abused women (literally!)” and so forth …

(and kids? Last I checked, I had only ONE. LOL Maybe, as my Dad once asked me "we only know you have one wife. I hope there aren't any more!LOL" - maybe in a strange corner of his mind the Bozo thinks that too. After all, he left that hilarious review on Kiddie Fitness, LOL). 


He saw someone living the LIFESTYLE, and he was envious. Lol.

But anyway, all that aside back to it.

I might not be the perfect anyone.

But I do know one thing.

If you do more – you GET MORE in return.

That could be either now, or down the line, but it’s an Universal Law my friend.

You can hate me for saying it, but from the incomparable Emerson to the one and only Napoleon Hill to Henry Ford and Donald Trump, ALL achievers know it.

And that getting more might not come from the person you “expect” it from. 

Trust me on this one, my friend.

The Universe has a way of dispensing justice in a way NO-ONE can argue with, and the next time you deal with a person, you should make sure you keep this truism in mind.

Again, trust me!

But anyway, fitness wise its simple.

I wouldn’t ask you to do anything I don’t do myself, and haven’t TRIED and tested.

I wouldn’t give you ANYTHING that doesn’t work.

I wouldn’t tell you to do a damn thing I don’t do myself, and do well! 

And I know, and will tell you this – the more you put into it, the more you SHOULD expect, and the more you WILL get on my Systems, my friend.

‘Tis that simple …

Get on the stick NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In a strange sort of manner, this might actually increase the opposition against yours truly. LOL. Funny how it works!