Sunday, 26 February 2012 12:39

Best time to work out

Back when I first started to train seriously and regularly, my workout would be on the top of the daily "to-do" list after work.  I'd come home, grab some green tea (or drink some water) and then get down to my workout. After that, I'd get some chores done, grab dinner, and go to bed. And that was my routine for a long time - and it worked pretty well for me.

Over the last year or so though, I've started to do things a bit differently. I've started to work out in the mornings - before I start my day. And the results have been as good, if not better - if anything, I feel that extra burst of energy which makes it easier to get through the rest of my day. Pretty much the same as when I trained at night after work; I'd feel mentally drained after work, but I used to feel refreshed after my exercises (though I was physically tired).

Both routines worked well for me - the main thing was I stuck to my routine, and thus I got benefits from it. And you'll feel mentally refreshed whether you workout in the morning or evening; that much is a given.

Mornings work best for me now as I'm not working traditional "9-5" shifts any more. That wasn't the case a year or so ago, so exercising after work was what worked back then.

And so, what is the best time of the day for YOU to work out? Many people have asked me this question, and my answer is almost always the same i.e. "when it works out best for YOU". If I had to make a choice personally, I'd say it's best to work out in the morning - BEFORE you start your day. You get a boost of energy which jump starts your day, you think better and you FEEL better throughout the entire day which is reason enough for me to work out in the mornings. That routine has worked well for me, and has benefited me a lot.

But, not everyone can do this - you may not have the time to workout in the mornings, especially if your day starts real early, or if your a "late starter" in terms of the engine revving up a bit later on in the day. In that case, there's nothing at all wrong with workout in the evening after work - or even at night after dinner, if that is when you can make time. The main thing is to ensure that you MAKE time for your workout - no matter how you busy you are - and the rest will start to fall into place automatically.

And making time isn't as hard as it sounds. You can get a great workout done in 15 minutes - 30 minutes MAX - and I show you the exact exercises to do in Fast and Furious Fitness. The main thing is to MAKE time - instead of excuses, and you'll be on the right track. 

On one last note, though I work out in the mornings normally, I'll do a "double" some days by working out in the evening as well. Usually around 6PM or so, though it isn't a tough workout - I'll either work on some hard exercises that I've been trying to get better at, or I'll do some general stuff and call it a night. I'm not saying you have to do this - but just pointing out what works for ME.

Figure out a routine that works for YOU, and stick to it - and then shoot me an email - I look forward to hearing about your success!

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