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What my decision to move to China taught me - -and the one most over looked mental/physical workout!

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Back in the day I made the decision to go to china despite a ton of opposition.

Not so much from friends as from family … but now that I think back over it, other than the usual “Rahul needs to stick to the straight and narrow, tried and tested” etc path BS (at least I think it’s that, hehe), there were other reasons.

One, fear of the unknown.

For some reason yours truly has been a pioneer in many ways, but none more so (well, equally so!) at going to places and countries where no-one has gone before in the family, and doing it in a way no-one else has (or would think of).

Dont get me wrong.

It’s always prudent to “look before you leap if you can”, until a certain point, but that spirit needs to be tempered with listening to your gut at the end of the day, the latter taking absolute priority over hours and hours of “deliberation”.

‘Tis true my friend.

Your subconscious can and will ALWAYS on the spur of the moment make better decisions for you than any amount of so called logic could in any situation – IF YOU LET IT!

Most don’t …

And second, this belief most people have that life has to be a DRAG, and a grind.

I’ve met plenty of folks without that belief, but they under-number the reverse majority by a factor of about10 if not more.

And I’ve written about that before so I wont get into it again here.

But briefly, the idea people have of life being a grind, and making money being a grind – is – well – utterly and completely beyond me, and something I’ll never ever understand, and I’ve provided proof behind my thinking too, though I didn’t need to!

But anyway, in China, although the “medium” was a certain Ann Lee, I discovered a certain holy grail of exercise that virtually every achiever of note in any field does.

Napoleon Hill did ten miles of it daily reportedly, often uphill.

Sounds familiar to me. Very familiar!!! Hehe.

Matt Furey,self made millionaire reportedly goes on long walks in the woods.

Ben Settle, one of his “proteges” by “proxy” does the same along the beach while he “thinks” and listens to uplifting stuff.

(Note – No, I am not in any way, shape or form affiliated with these people. Neither I am just name dropping or saying it because I get some benefit – I do NOT. I merely say it for the same reason I give credit to those that deserve it in my books, such as in the 0 Excuses Fitness System!)

It’s all a circle, my friend. We ALL get on the roundabout!

(if we let ourselves)

Anyway, Henry Ford, Edison and Burbanks met once a year for their getaway in the woods which had nothing to do with biz directly. Again,long walks!

So this practice transcends generations, people, everything.

Walking, although it’s great for health, and although thats why I started doing it has so many other benefits that simply labeling it a spiritual exercise would be doing it a disservice, and Im sure the people above would agree - - many have gone on record saying the reason they walk has got nothing to do with exercise.

And I agree!

My own long walks – yes, they were primarily exercise oriented, but beyond a certain point, they became spiritual and THOUGHT provokin.

Such as the time when I stopped ¾ of the way up the hill and literally felt the great seer Emerson “talk to me out of the blue”!

I regard it as SO important that I devote an entire section in Advanced Hill Training on … ?

You got it, bro.

Walking properly.

Because most people walk in the opposite manner that they should and deprive themselves of the vast majority of the benefits they would be getting if they did it right (both mental and spiritual).

And that alone should be reason to pick up this great course NOW, my friend.

Not to mention the warp speed at which the routine therein will blast fat off your body. You WILL literally eat more – and weigh less!

On that note, I’m out. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Along with walks, either uphill or not, remember that quick and dirty BODYWEIGHT Exercises, the greatest and most effective ones on the PLANET are where it’s at brah. Get cracking on some of them right HERE.

PS #2 - In "16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections", and these emails I believe, I've mentioned in the past how the great Brooks Kubik, truly a REAL DINO for the AGES once wrote to his life about "Rahul'd hill walking workout from China" - a classic email if any! And while he mentioend what I did, along with the physical benefits (dropping several waist sizes for one!) - he ended it with how it made me feel, and he did that NATURALLY. 

"And he sits down to a good meal" (he edited the beer and pizza out in my email to him, hehe). And he should. He's earned it!" 

Sage, my friend. And I had! 

Earning your meals, each one of them, is a damn good idea even if I say so myself!

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