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What I’d happily do for one of my maternal uncles, ONCE I meet him …

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He “passed on” a while ago, years ago, I believe in 2013. I’m not sure, but I think thats when.

Curiously enough, at a time when yours truly moved back (again!) to China due to reasons mentioned in emails prior, and curiously enough … well?

Was it a case of passing the BATON along – again – unconsciously?

He often appeared in dreams in very vivid form, often giving me advice and such which I sometimes followed, when I could decipher it!

And this just increased after the age of 36 or 37 …

Anyway he was a man that ENJOYED his life.

Drank. Smoked. Probably other things I don’t know about either, hehe.

And I still remember him standing on our balcony when yours truly was “ye small”, smoke billowing out of his nostrils.

Curiously enough, despite the almost Purantical and very strident opposition my immediate family has to me drinking, smoking etc (I Do it anyway, hehe) -my grand mother – that PATNERAL grandmother was of a different bent of mind.

Her son came home from school (college) and smoked at home.

It was allowed.

Do it in the open, she probably told them (which is what I tell my daughter NOW).

The same thing my Dad’s friend told my Mom at age of 17, hehe.

I still remember it.

“…. what will you do when you can’t stop him anymore!”

And to me?

Half drunk, jolly ole fellow, and he raised a glass, got me a beer (or opened the fridge) and said the following

“Even if you get a girl pregnant, tell your family!”

Maybe if I was part of the George Bush style family I would, but mine?

Hell, I couldn’t even tell them about my marriage – they found about it in the news paper (when I could finally tell ‘em!).

Ah, my stories.

But anyway, back to my Uncle.

And the paternal grandmother I’ve written so much about.

Both people I didn’t really know for various reasons, but both pretty much the only people (along with the guy who called me a wolf, and very rightly so, hehe) that saw something in me.

Napoleon Hill writes about his family often thought of him as a rank outcast, loser, and much more unprintable here until the day he died pretty much.

Yet, the stepmother who he first met at a young age was the one that encouraged him to take up a typewriter rather than the gun.

She SAW something in him. 

“If you beat this boy again, I will never speak to you!”

Was what she told his Dad, notorious for handing out hidings that in Hills words would have brought down the SPCA on him if he did that to a horse!

(all for not going to church. Hence, the “Outwitting the Devil” book years later).

But anyway, my Uncle.

Despite what others in the family thought, despite what my Mom said about him “needing to be more responsible because he had two kids” and less carefree or what not, despite what others may or may not have said or thought, I still remember him ENJOYING life.

With a glass in hand, hehe.

I STILL Remember him telling me I had a good voice.  

(and he didnt see it as a rank nuisance as my Mom did, hehe. Bathroom singers and all that, and my songs were "movie" songs where guys were openly "hitting on sexy gals". How dare I, hehe)

Well, he told his wife. A kindly aunt whose never really done much wrong to me, and who I don’t know much either really, but she’s “all right” I’d say.

A man that never had much for most of his life, but could care less (but he finally hit it big in his final years).

Curiously enough, or maybe not, both my paternal grandma and him (I knew the former even less) passed away with 3 years of each other. Or 4. Both wayyy before I ever became as attuned to the Spirit as I am now.

But they are the ones, the ONLY ones that show up in dreams in a positive manner.

A helpful manner.

And back to the good ole Uncle?

Well, we’ll meet. And I’ll pour a whiskey for him someday.


Too much to do, too many years to LIVE on this here “earthly plane”, hehe, before I build my wolf house or harem or what not “in the beyond”.

Too much!

And I’ll write more on this later!



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Life life kingsize, bro. It truly is the only way. VIM, VIGOR, GUMPTION AND GUSTO!

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