Tuesday, 02 February 2021 11:34


Should be rule #1 on attracting women (a certain nutjob Thomas should read this!) or what you want in LIFE, hehe, especially given what I wrote about in the last two posts. 

But this one isn't about women. sorry! 

This is about ... well, FITNESS

Murli, a friend of mine once told me in 2008 that "he used to be HARD before". 

Actually, he said this (he was a lard lump at that stage, but he's lost a CRAPLOAD of weight ever since - KUDOS Sir!!) 

"Rahul, I used to play cricket before! My muscles used to be hard all the time!" 

Now, I understood what he meant. 

But he was wrong big time on one thing, and in his new slim and trim, possibly "sexy" avatar, now, he probably KNOWS it. Hehe. 

That muscles are NOT, I repeat, NOT supposed to be hard and bloated all the time like the boobybuilders showing off at the Jim Shim 

Muscles are supposed to be like LIFE itself. 

FLUID, yes strong! 

And thats what I just asked my daughter. 

"Are you soft, or TOUGH", I asked, while pinching her adorably soft cheeks. 

She glared back. 

Gorilla to the CORE, hehe. And I love it!

Im both soft and TOUGH, Dad! 

And as if to prove it, there she was in the handstand again, and now she's playing the GUITAR. Hehe. ROCK ON! 

Gotta love a kid like that. 

But really, lesson from this one is plainly stated, so for the preeners and posers out there - there it BE. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Are you a chicken or GORILLA? We'll address that soon enough too, hehe. I'm indeed in RARE Form today, hehe, as Marc would say!