Wednesday, 03 February 2021 07:56

Why I continue to do biz with the Chinese despite the plague from china, and despite what the Great Mike Pompeo said ..

I dont know if y'all on this list know it, but other than my fitness business, I have several others I've dabbled in. 

Web development was one thing, but I rarely do that anymore (the preponderance of idiots that think "its just a website! How dare he charge high prices!" caused me to finally say BYE to that biz vertical for the most part) . ..

(And of course, you tell these idiots to do it themselves, and you get the predictable enough response. "How dare he!")

Indeed. How dare I! 

How dare I do something different, be different, but I WILL be that way, regardless of what the morons think or say. 

Anyway, as you've noticed (if you have) on the shop on the site, various forms of green tea are also something we've been dealing with for ages, but all was put on hold last year due to the plague that the lovely China willingly and knowingly spread everywhere. 

And so all that is pretty much at a standstill for now. Green tea. Spices. Cardammom. We do many things! We even have a website up in that regard that I ain't update in donkey's years . . . 

So if any of YOU do anything in that regard, let me know! Who knows. Dr Lamar who unfortunately passed away due to the plague was a great man and a great, great customer and I dont know why, but his face comes to mind. 

Always positive, always smiling (despite dealing with a very difficult daughter indeed at many times) - kinda like what Tracy said about me eh. 

"You're always so positive!" 

Anyway, Mike Pompeo made the comment last year about "If you're doing business with China, remember that ANY money you send them in any way, shape or form ultimately goes back to the CCP who then uses it for their own nefarious purposes". 

He said a lot more, but that was the gist. 

GUess what. 


You on this list are well aware of my admiration for Pompeo, possibly the greatest Secretary of State ever. 

But even he back in the day had a biz in Shanghai. 

Some things, well, just are what they are ... FOR NOW!

For the life of me I can't figure out why India for one doesnt get it's act together so we can ALL dump the China beast once and for all. 

Vietnam is going to take a while. Indonesia? Nah... 

Until all of that happens, guess what. 

In many ways, we still "have to deal with China" whether we like it or not. Much like I still deal with my wife, whether I like it or not ... 

Anyway, Pompeo was right. 

And most of my tea is imported from China (well, we export it from there I should say) and it's the real deal. For some wierd reason India drinks it's tea "British style" with milk, so green tea isn't big there, but it really should be. 

It also is one of the (but NOT the only) weight loss secrets (and no, just drinking tea isn't the secret either) I've mentioned in the Simple and Effective Diet - as well as the story, I believe, of how I quit COFFEE back in the day (you know about the cigarettes, and how I quit, but maybe not the coffee!) and how I never looked back after that, and it's yours FREE - gratis - with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System (if you get the digital download). 

And that, my friend, is that. 

Sometimes, and often times, I do seperate business from politics. 

The world slept on China for ages. So did yours truly. We ignored it all. No more though, with this plague they spread, but on the other hand, decoupling isn't as easy as it's made out to be either . . . 

It has to be done though. 

No question about that. 

But the elephant in the room, India, will ultimately determine if all of us can or not. 

Anyway, on that note, there it is, as we head into the year of the "Ox" I believe. 

Sturdy if nothing else. HA!

Best ,

Rahul Mookerjee

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