Friday, 05 February 2021 10:30

Staying positive VS acknowledging REALITY!

This is going to hit home, bro. 

And it's going to be even more anti self help guru shuru style stuff you see out there about "Law of Attraction" and all this other stuff. 

There is a reason, my friend, I do NOT - I repeat NOT - talk about "laws of attraction" or success (not that there is anythign wrong with calling a book that - Napoleon Hill was right to call his that!) in Zero to Hero, or any of the 51 tips in Gumption Galore

Its because these names lure people into a false sense of security. 

Unless you KNOW what you're doing, these laws can backfire and put you on the back seat. 

Sound familiar to some of you? 

I thought so ... 

(there are "laws" far more important than that ...) 

But anyway, I was talking to the lovely Cicy today ... and she was asking me about my equally (dont ask me who is lovelier, hehe) wife. 

"Why you dont want to stay with her! She's so beautiful!" 

And I have no doubt my wife would say the same about her ... at least the FACE

But women aside, I told her this .

"Because looks aren't everything, Cicy"

In other words, beauty is indeed skin deep. 

I say that ALL the time on a certain other site, and NO, this is NOT - I repeat - NOT - "just for my wife" either! 

This is in general, and my wife probably feels the same about yours truly, except she'd probably use expletives. Hehe. 

And probably does ... 

But anyway, that aside, we were discussing other things. 

And of course, the plague. 

Cicy is under the firm belief that the CCP didnt spread it. 

Being she's member of the CCP, well ... (albeit a very friendly, helpful and LOW ranking one and a SMART one, hehe). 

But anyway, she told me what she does usually. 

"Everything is very good! Business always going up, up, up!" 

Actually, I said it BEFORE she did. 

"YEs, I know, Cicy", I said laughing. "I know everything is always velly good for Cicy". 

Her response was to ask "why not look on the bright side always". 

I could paste what she said, but thats what it boils down to. 

But there is looking on the bright side, my friend, and there is REALITY

Which often bites, hehe, and even more so if you IGNORE IT. 

And unless you're a CCP member (obviously biz is always goo d- HA!) ... and if you're living REAL life which most people are, then you're just as likely to get afflicted with a case of the blues as the next person, and rightfully so. 

Point is this. 

You can visualize all you like, bro. 

But IGNORING the PRESENT will not - I repeat - NOT - make it go away. 

The secret - the REAL secret you're not being told is something quite else, and something obvious I've mentioned here several times if you read between the lines, and it's mentioned in probably the first few tips and indeed ALL in Zero to Hero!

And, Gumpton Galore as well. 

If you can read between the lines that is (well, it's there in PLAIN sight too. Haha. No "pay me more money" here. Hehe. Once you get the book, you've got it - now if you want more, thats a different story). 

Point being, you can't just ignore reality and say "all is well" when it's not. 

All ....  be well is what you can and SHOULD say, if you get my drift, and while none of this might make much sense, think about it - and it WILL. 

I've just given you the answer to the "fill in the blanks above". 

So much for sales shales, hehe. 

And last, but not least, sometimes you have to TALK. 

If there is an issue you need help with - TALK to the other person. 

If you're genuine, and really "need the other person to do something for you which is within his or her own power to do", then chances are they will. 

Dont believe me? 

Well, I just had a case of someone doing just that for me ... 

And more on that later - but for now - "talk" shouldn't be interpreted as "piss and moan" incessantly. 

Some of you great, great customers out there have emailed me privately and asked for discounts - and I've always given them - and guess whart - did it make me think "any less of you"? 

Not a chance, my friend. 

Not a chance! 

If you're a DOER, I'll be able to tell, and Ill most likely work with you wherever possible. 

It's the DO NOTHINGS and freebie seekers I can't stand. 

Alright, enough of this garble. 

Lets end up with one of those sales pitches you guys are so damn familiar with - Get in the best shape of your life NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - "best" as well, hehe. Hey, if Bozo Schofield copied it...! LOL. Talk about something even your biggest detractors and Bozos can't NOT copy, lol.