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Why I believe in UNABASHED TOM TOMMING - when it's really NOT - and when it IS warranted

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A great customer once told me the following (and I'm paraphrasing) when I asked for an honest review on the other site (well, for THESE products). 

"Rahul, I dont leave reviews generally because they're subjective and what works for one person might not for th eother - but in your case, with your products, I'm more than glad to shout from the rooftops about how great they are". 

Again, this is not the exact verbatim quote but it is indeed the sum and substance of what he said. 

Guess what. 

He - is - RIGHT!

For a lot of my life, I've never quite promoted my stuff as much as I should have. Perhaps if I had way back in the day when Major General Michael told me, then 0 Excuses Fitness would be EVEN MORE of a GLOBAL PHENOMENON that it is NOW. 

Quite truly IS. 

And honestly, what do I mean, and why do I say this? 

This may resonate with YOU - so listen UP. Even if fitness doesnt' interest you (but it should), it will be of sage interest. 

All my life I've been told I was no good. 

That I didnt "deserve" the raise I got at my jobs. When I did get it - it was "ho hum". When I made SALES galore, it was "oh, just sales". 

When I sell my products NOW, and people get GREAT results, the Bozos come a knocking, hehe. 

In more ways than one ... 

I welcome all of it. 

And coming from a man who was told when he was lad "that he thinks he's so strong" ...well, look at me now, and I think I can BACK up that, eh. 

Or was it back that up. 

Ah yes. 

I earned more than the China tom tommers, and indeed, I was the one that blazed a path even in many an ESL "bozo" class. 

Believe it or not, I had other teachers "assigned" to me in class - but they didnt interfere. They were there to "pick up notes". 

True story, ... 

Anyway, point is this. Twofold. 

One, if you're in business, or even life or anything - you gotta SHOUT from the rooftops about yourself my friend. 

Guess what - as Donald Trump rightly once said, if you don't promote your SUCCESSES, guess what - people likely won't NOTICE 'em. 

The more you promote, the more you get noticed. 

The more you get called a shamless marketer, which yours truly can (not really) - the more you sell. 

And guess what brah. 

End of the day, SALES and marketing is the LIFEBLOOD of any business.  (any succesful one, that is)

sure, your products have to be good - the best. 

No doubt.

And the book I wrote on it bears testament to the fact. 

It's PRODUCTS and your JOB that keeps people COMING BACK and not LEAVIN. 

But if you don't promote, if you dont sell, if you do what a famous painter did and create GREAT stuff (Salvatore I believe it was) - but don't sell, then you'll die poor and you'll have skinny kids. 

I suppose if that is what someone wants, by all means - but why my friend. 

Money is what allows you to do what you do best, and CREATE more of the same - for everyone. 

Abundance is what we ALL deserve as human beings. 

And if any of the above sounds familiar - I bet it does - and if you're still stuck in the doldrum in terms of not being able to achieve goals etc - pick up the following courses - Gumption Galore! And Zero to Hero!

For starters. 

You'll quickly see that it's your THOUGHTS, and thoughts alone that limit you. 

YES, even in this time of the Wuhan plague! 

Wu(han), hehe. 

And that, my friend is THAT. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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