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Yours truly, the lazy ass tennis player that "never was"

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One memory I've always had growing up at home was this - on Sundays, the "day of rest" - it was always the "most hectic". 

Including Saturdays. . . 

India's normal chaos was magnified x 10 duing those two days, at least in our house growing up. 

When "Baba" (the Bengali way of saying "Dad", I think) was there - "all hell often broke loose in many regards", hehe. Including a couple of piegons one day who raised such a ruckus that you'd think Cain himself had shown up ... 

Anyway, mispellings and all that aside, yours truly is the polar opposite in that regard. Perhaps thats why? 

Yours truly prefers living in a CAVE, and working with those that do so too, and he's done it. 

And he workouts in a cave by himself too for the most part, unless he's in Qi Feng Park, but he can't stand crowds even there. 

But there's something else ... that he COULDN'T STAND - and still can't in many regards!

The HEAT. 

The blazing heat and humidity in Southern China. The blazing HEAT when I grew up. (it wasn't that humid there, but it was even hotter in terms of temperature). 

But anyway, I hated it growing up. 

And one of the rules oddly enough in our house (for me, at least) growing up was to "play tennis" at the grand ole hour of 9 AM on a Sunday morning, which meant "el caveman" was required to wake up even earlier. 


How we (I) rebelled and fought against it. 

I still remember my Dad telling me about my frequent sips of water throughout the game. 

"You need a pipe to your mouth!" 

LOL. The Bozo is no doubt having several org-you know what reading this ... 

And I remember the heat. Ugh, the heat! 

But anyway, point of this? 

Was that I was actually GOOD at tennis, but I was too damned LAZY to do it - in the heat. 

It wasn't so much waking up. 

And though I don't get along with my parents, my father did in his own way sometimes "try". 

Especially with that infamous comment of "playing like Michael Chang" (French Open was going on around that time, I believe, and it was a particularly good day at the courts too). 

What yours truly REALLY REALLY enjoyed though was the evening SWIM in the pool, albeit in a pool so crowded you could barely swim. 

Ah, the White Tiger. 

I could probably write book #2 on that!

But I dont want to, hehe. The less I think about India in many regards the better, and it's sad, really. 

A country with so much damned potential, and yet, the end result? 

We truly ARE, as a nation, or people - as we think. 

And anyway, fitness wise and workout wise, my thinking is to be LAZY - and get it done. 

I dont mean lazy as in "what I do". 

But I mean as in "do it when I like", and as I like, and get stellar results by NOT spending all day long. 

And that, my friend, reflects itself in all the brief workouts I do, and write about. 

On yet another side note, the heat. 

I still hate it! Can't live without A/C on all the damn time, and that cold BEER ... 

But workout wise, I think y'all know I conquered both the laziness and the "heat phobia". 

Oh boy. 

More mentioned in the book on inspirational fitness recollections,but as I sign off ... 

Another quote from Training Day

"Life's a trip, eh"

"Thats some trippy ass shit!" 

Contradiction, I'll say that - and so it SHOULD BE! 

Shades of grey, my friend. Shades of grey. And on that note, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - PIck up the best damned course on pushups there is out there (and yes, no need to wake up early or leave the house or bedroom even, hehe. I remember doing them in New york with my Uncle asking me "how many I could do". I even knocked out pushups in the BATHROOM if you can believe that, but no-one knew, hehe) right HERE