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Why I often left out the "baaa" in Baba

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Life's a trip, eh. 

Thats some trippy ass shit, G.... (Nah, it ain't the Bozo Glyn we're referring to here, hehe). 

Those two lines were more sage lines from one of the best movies ever, Training Day . . . 

And it is a trip, really! 

Bengali, a language I was "supposed" to be the best at, but never was. I didn't quite like it growing up! 

(I was born in that part of the country, for those interested. Neighboring China of all things. Fancy that. Who'd have thunkkkkk yours truly would end up in no place other than China years later)? 

Bengal, the land of the poets, Mamata "Didi" and a state which back then was supposed to be underdeveloped, and right now in many regards isn't all that bad of a place to live actually. 

(though I wouldn't really want to live there either) 

Poets, poetry, and even WRESTLING, though for some reason the burgeiose Bengali lot (hey, thats alliteration right there! New book?? LOL) prefer to focus more on Tagore than the wrassling ... 

(and really, the Gama was the most famous in INdia, and he was a North Indian breed. North India being where yours truly grew up). 

anyway ... where was I? 

The language, eh. 

I've mentioned "Baba" in the email before. The Bengali word for Dad. 

And I've mentioned (well, years ago I think) how though I can't speak Bengali, dont "look" it etc, (actually I'm not sure WHAT I look like other than a bonafide CHAMELEON) .. some dude in HK in 2005 just stopped me ont he street and started speaking to me in rapid fire Bengali!

Some things, the logic just isnt ... and if you need further proof of why I believe in SPIRIT, this is why! 

Anyway, Hindi was the local lingo where I grew up. 

Much hated by Mom, hehe. 

She'd rather her "cultured Bengali" 

And while I'm not entirely sure that either Bengalis or those from the Northern part of the nation are more "cultured" - thats one of those "India things" you have to experience to truly understand - and being even I don't quite understand it, we'll let it go for now. Hehe.

But anyway ... 

I'll give my parents kudos for ONE Thing. 

They might or might not have done it for reasons other than what it turned out to be. 

But their insistence on me speaking good English - and also introducing me to reading etc was the BEST DAMNED (and probably the only, hehe) thing they ever did. 

So - despite all the hoo haa - and Charles Mitchell, here I am finally saying it. 

THANK YOU Mom and Dad - for that! 

If THAT influence along with all the other negativity wasn't there, I'd be screwed right about now. 

True, I was never encouraged to write etc. 

True, I got wher eI am on my OWN STEAM. 

(and every I was put in Bozo jobs etc or told to, or what not which I hated - I quit rather promptly. That was back in the day when I still did jobs. Hehe. Right now they're a distant foggy memory if even that!) 

But that communication I'm so famed for - well - it has to start somewhere. 

For me, it started via READING. 

something I still do, albeit not fiction. 

Anyway, back to "Baba". 

I used to call my Dad ... "Baaaaa" for some reason. 

The second "Ba" never came out. 

So it sounded like a sheep, almost ... 


And it was quite the joke, even for yours truly! 

My own daughter calls me Dad. And I'd rather that! 

But you old timers reading this will recall the "Ma" and "Pa" times when YOU were growing up, especially those of you from the UK etc. 

(The UK And India do have a very interesting shared history!) 

Anyway .... 

POint of all this is THIS. 

The Sheep, my friend, is an admirable and calm animal in many regards, but (and I love eating it!) I'd rather the STALLION. 

The stallion that REARS AND BUCKS - and is on the page of Barnstormer Shoulders - because guess what - a STALLION is what YOU will feel like when you get on those workouts!

The stallion you've always wanted to be!

And more - the stallion is NOT one of the animals mentioned in Animal Kingdom Workouts

Neither is the sheep, but the CHICKEN is. 

If life and workouts aren't contradictions, then I dont know what is!

And on that note, I'm out. 

Have your fill right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

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