Monday, 08 February 2021 08:43

Lets see what you can do with very little ...

I wont "kick ass and take names" for once, hehe. 

(that isn't my trademark - but I'm using it. LOL) 

But anyway, a prophetic indeed comment from a man who I once did some business with at THAT company - and then again later down the road. 

It fell apart both times. 

First time, it was the company. Second time, he said it was me. 

"Rahul, you did the same thing to me that the earlier company did", was what he said. 

I actually didnt. 

He was paying peanuts - and he got, well, monkeys. 

(the company - well - much the same thing - but thats a different story there) 

Thats just as simple as it gets, and he knows it. 

But this man was sage, my friend in many regards. 

A comment a couple of days from him went as such - 

"We both know this is a piddly little amount, but the budget is very limited for now. 

For now, lets see what you can accomplish on next to nothing" .

Well, we accomplished - a little more than next to nothing. LOL. 

(Unfortunately I wasn't of the "cheapskates outta here bent of mind" that I am NOW back then. Mistake, I know!) 

(and hence the price rise I've been putting off for some of my products) 

You get what you pay for, my friend ... 

If you want a Royce, you PAY for the Royce. And if someone says you can get the Royce for far less than that, then you best be suspicious at best, and NOT do the deal at worst. 

And if yourself tried to get the Royce for less ...well. 'nuff said! 

(I should rename the 0 Excuses Fitness System to the "Rolls Royce of Fitness!

(come to think of which, I better do that NOW). 

But anyway, thats a paraphrased comment. 

THe amount was tiny, granted. Not even enough to throw a hissy over. But I've got a great memory (as that guy himself said) - and it popped up, and it bears relevance now. 

One of the questions I've often asked of people is this (this is on my WeShat too). 

How would you function if your house, fancy shmancy degrees, cars, everything was stripped from you one fine day and you were told to FEND for yourself all over again? 

Believe me, this has happened in the past. 

And the meme that I posted said THAT is when you get the true measure of a man. 

It doesn't necessarily give me any great pride to say this, but I've been there more times than I care to recall, and I'm sure some of you on this list have too! 

And right now as the plague just doesnt seem to go away (China, you beauty!) - the Universe is asking us this same question. 

It was great when times were a rollicking (tho really, for years they've been going down in many regards. The Universe always warns in advance!) 

But when you have the bare minimum to live on - to survive - to spend - what choices will YOU make? 

CAN you stand up high - hold your head up high like a MAN - and march ahead anyway? 

Fitness wise, and life wise, this is a very pertinent question that needs to be posed, and I'm asking it now. 

I asked it on the Animal Kingdom Workouts page too .. 

Only you, of course, can answer it!

But I know one thing my friend. 

THe hoopla the gyms have fed you is a CROCK. 

No, you dont need machines, gyms, cute trainers, Swiss balls, tai chi dusters, fancy white robes, Baba Shabas and other such rubbish to get in the best shape of your life. 

Folks have been doing WITHOUT all that age for ages. 

So can you, my friend. so can YOU. 

Start today - right here


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, HERE is the link.