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Why I dont celeberate V-Day, B-Day, A-Day, whatever day, or anniversaries, or what not, and why I believe they are an utter and total CROCK

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I've been getting the retarded marketing messages on this. 

Folks - if you gotta market - at least do it RIGHT. 

And then they whine and blame things on the economy. 

And of course, as yours truly "selu" sells away, they complain. Hehe. 

Be ... ah, but anyway. This ain't about how to sell. 

But really, this idiotic concept of "one day to really and truly profess your love on". 

We know it as Feb 14. 

In China, they got their own date for it, and then they have "Wo Ai Ni" - or "520 day". 

May 21, I believe. 

"Wo Ai Ni " means I love you in Mandarin Chinese. 

"Wo Ar ling" means the numbers literally translated. 

Ling means ...well, male physical equipment in Hindi. LOL. The Bozo has probably spent and still spends plenty of V-days with that "equipment" if I might say so, hehe. 

But anyway, why have ONE day to celebrate your love? 

China has expanded the concept (ever mercenary, hehe) - to 11/11 , 12/12, and God knows how many other "special days" - all designed to drain that WALLET specially and give you little else other than that "dopamine drip" the Bozos so CRAVE. 

Big time! 

And the same thing for Valentine's Day. 

To me, if you love someone (and that love is as rare as good FITNESS PRODUCTS out there these days - trust me!) - then you do so DAILY. 

You profess your love in ways direct and indirect daily. 

And if you don't the drama and sham of "one day" won't work. 

Same thing for birthdays. 

I dont really believe in the concept beyond a certain age ... 

Why not make EACH DAY special? 

Why not START - and END - each day with VIM, VIGOR, GUSTO AND GUMPTION!?

There is a very good reason I put those words on the Barnstrormer Shoulders page, along with the picture of a THUNDERBOLT, hehe. 

(I still remember my Mom's comment about how ridiculous the thunderbolt looked - to her, hehe. When it was on the bottle of beer I was drinking at the time, heh)

Yours truly loved it tho, and so will YOU. 



Same thing for fitness. 

New Year's Resolutions and other BS. 

Whats so special about the 31st or the 1st? 

I dont think much at all, brah. 

Not to mention most New Year Resolutions fall by the WAYSIDE once made. The dopamine drop and STUPID self congratulatory BS wears off, and in many cases, these people are back where they started. 

Make each day goo d- great. 

Take action towards your goal - - or goals - - daily! 

There ARE some special days in my life though. 

But they've got nothing at all to do with V day or any other commercial bullshit. 

I'll think about them and let you know what they are if you want! Let me know. 

And as if on cue, some spiritual style movie that reminds me of "in flight" music started playing .

Nothing if not in sync with the Universe is yours truly. I was gonna tell the person to turn it down, but now - no. Despite my hate of noise, it's there for a reason! 

But anyway, I better end before I get tears in my eyes. Hehe. I got some now, actually. 

Us tough guys cry, and cry often. 

We just dont SHOW the world, hehe. 

And neither should YOU. 

Back to it - pick up the Rolls Royce of fitness HERE my friend - and start purring like the FIT CAT you've always wanted to be. 

Lithe, MEAN, lean and AGILE - and STRONG! 

LEAP them buildings - in a single bound! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - There is a very good reason the Jaguar is mentioned on the Advanced Hill Training page. See if you can find it! (no, I dont mean the Car either!). 

PS #2 - I forgot to say, turn into a FAT CAT as well if you so choose with the techniques HERE and HERE

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