Tuesday, 09 February 2021 06:56

"Rahul will drink all the beer you give him!"

My Dad once made that comment about SOMETHING. 

I cannot for the life of me remember why he said that or when, but it was WAYYY back in the day, that I do know. 

Nothing is ever lost or forgotten, as the great Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing, and thats a book YOU NEED TO READ - now! I mean, really. It's one of the classics, and most practical books out there ever. 

No, my "salesy ass" gets NOTHING for promoting it, but promote it I will, because Bristol was the best (along with Napoleon HIll). 

These men through their writings have inspired me WAY after they passed on. LEGION

And so shall I, someday. Hehe. 

I know. Nothing if not "humble" am I. 

But anyway, Dad was right. 

There ARE a few things you could beat my ass on, but drinking beer ain't one of them. 

Communication probably isn't either, hehe. 

Remember that line I keep parroting about "that ONE thing that even your worst detractors cannot find fault with?"

Well, I just gave you two right off the bat - and I've given you two more before - and three more no doubt at some stage - and I ...well, you know what I am going to say! 

But so can you, bro. So can YOU. 

Trust me, if I can do it, so can you. 

Now, where I BE leading up with all this, you ask? 

Well, great question!

(on a side note, the only two people I've ever known that could "last" with me in a drinking contest were General Michael back in the day, and my great friend back Stateside now - him who is mentioned in Gorilla Grip at the start, and rightfully so! - and an ex Marine amongst other things). 

But I managed to outdo them too, hehe. 

Got the liver trouble before the age of 30. 

Was told (by Dad), that I'd die if I kept it up. 

Well, truth be told I didnt just keep it up. I increased it. 



And at the age of 36, I finally got that long overdue physical done. 

All fine. 

NOthing doing!

All those retarded medicines or what not designed to enrich no-one but the CHEMIST (which I stopped taking by the way) did NO good. 

Rolls Royce Fitness, and the HILL did it!

I did kinda overdo that too, but hey. Hehe. 

But anyway ... 

Point being this. 

Burning a candle at BOTH ENDS doesnt work for long my friend. 

Eventually your body WILL give out. 

And even yours truly has taken breaks from guzzlin beer, often for the period of a year or so (again without planning it. Much like I quit smoking finally without planning it!). 

That subconscious mind is the best!

And we all have it ... 

But anyway, CAN you make great gains while drinking up every night? 

Amazingly enough, although I say the opposite in my books, and I'm RIGHT - you CAN - if you do it right. 

Proof right HERE

And while I dont recommend it long term - think about how good you'll have it if you cut out the booze or reduce it, and THEN continue with the program. 

You truly WILL turn into the human version of a Jaguar!

On that note, shout out to CHARLES MITCHELL!

My daughter was (apparently) very impressed with the testimonial you left. THANK YOU, SIR! 

You're the best!

And while I'd have liked nothing better than to give Charles (the friend) - the party of his LIFE when we met up, unfortunately he fell asleep. Hehe. Too much Chinese whisky or what not ... 

Anyway, such as it goes. 

Get the JAGUAR of physical trainign here, my friend - AFTER picking up that purring ROLLS ROYCE! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I'll be back again - soon! What a DAY it's been and I'm just gettng started. YOOOOO HOOOOO!

PS #2 - What did my daughter like the best? The part Charles said about "turning into an indestructible human". And so will you, my friend - if you get on the course HERE. Jump on this NOW. 

PPS - One of the complaints oft made about the Bozo (scofield) is that he shows up uninvited at people's houses, drinks all their beers, eats and craps out all their food, makes a royal MESS everywhere, and a PEST OF HIMSELF while sitting in his room with wanker in hand, trolling away. If you see him anywhere NEAR your house, get the "gendarmie". Hehe.