Tuesday, 09 February 2021 10:51

Indian WasherWoman FITNESS!

Although a certain Glyn Schofield, the eternal and one and ONLY BOZO would love this book, it ain't out. 

(Remember those inane wacko texts about wanting to be a "servant" he sent? The gal was like, WTF .... "why would anyone want that"!) 

(and if they do, well, thats fine but Jesus,, Schofield, you take lunacy to NEW limits. But I'm lovin it, hehe. I'm waiting for a bit more trollin too ...) 

and I'll probably never put out a book on washerwomen, or Indian washer women. 

Well, actually I HAVE put out a book featuring both Indian vegetable sellers and washerwomen, and how!

Wacky, I know!

But the wackos dont have a clue, hehe. 

But anyway, that book ain't fitness related. A certain "Miss X" would know, hehe. 

Or perhaps she isn't X after all!

She didnt have the X shape though. 

I did, but I worked HARD for her - pun intended - and NOT. Hehe. 

Anyway, to get the X shape here is where you go and I've spoken about that before too (do a search, and you'll find it). 

Yours truly is NOTHING if not very humble, always ... 

But point of this? 

Well, I've written about how being a "maid" in INdia is a great workout at least those ladies "of yore". 

Not sure if the maids now are like that, but probably so. Some things never change in India. 

The White Tiger will tell you more on that. Although I could TOO I'll stick to fitness on this site! 

Now point is this. 

Those "maids" (oh, and I'll stick to that other topic on the other site! ;)) - they actually "clean" in a way that give syou a great workout - and that the average molly coddlled pampered BRAT in India, including adults couldn't even begin to do. 

The West as well. 

China as well. 


Ask the modern day man or woman to get into the Squat the way I teach - - truly PROFOUND and special in a way NOT known except to "Master of yore with long Fu Man Chu beards" in Asia ... and they not only won't be able to do but they will expel FLATULENCE from both ends. 


Now, thats why I have the position in Isometric and Flexibiity Training, which is a not so humble way of asking you to GET  this AMAZIN book with HIDDEN SECRETS to TRUE and lasting STRENGTH in ways you never even IMAGINED of yore - NOW. 

And why I have an EXERCISE modeled on it in Animal Kingdom Workouts that th egreats have all used. 

(skating champs and dancers come to mind for one, but there are many more). 

But really try WRINGING out wet clothes in that position. Or sit in a chair and do it. 

You'll quickly see how it BUILDS the grip beyond anything else! 

Especially if you do it in the special style "Indian washerwomen and MEN" do it. 

All day long. 

And thats not even getting into what they do later i.e. a hammering position with these wet clothes that will kill your shoulders in about 1 minute flat, or less if you're the nutjob wacking around on the bench, deadlift, and such and believe THAT will build strong shoulders. 


It won't. 

And while part of the secret is mentioned in Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) the REST of it will be let out, in future courses. 

Schofield is probably salivating at "let out". 


What a beast I've unleashed. 

Actually, the poor chap brought it on himself. He truly did ATTRACT, hehe. 

Anyway, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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PS #2 - Another secret to a CRUSHING APE LIKE GRIP - that insane KUNG FU grip - is working with rice, and I dont mean working in paddy fields (carols aid this, hehe - was a cute way of describing it) - or even EATING it - or hoisting sacks of it. No, the SECRET Is something else. Find out right HERE