Tuesday, 09 February 2021 12:25

On the definites, and more ..

A while ago, you'll recall, well, those of you on the list back then will recall a female wacko that emailed me - or messaged me, I should say, on LinkedIn no less - fast turning into a cesspool of pissing ,moaning, whining, negativity and idiocy the following. 

"What is the price of your course?" 

Book, I believe she said. 

(and the above should tell you once again why I quit all social media, and why I might well quit "Shanked -IN" pretty soon too). 


But anyway, I replied with "look it up". 

The obvious. 

She wouldn't (despite me MENTIONING in the post she replied to!) 

(back then I did actually advertise etc - now, no) 

But then I told her to be done with it. 

She replied back with 

"But I just want to lose 10 kgs. Can you give it to me for 10% of the price?" 

Now, if there ever was an utter example of sheer idiocy and cheapskateness that even Bozo Wackjob Schofield could learn from, this is it. 

A t least he made and makes the excuse of "I need to find my ATM card". 

And probably his wanker too. 

but really, that above bit was just so idiotic I didnt even reply. 

Like, when you go to buy clothes, do you say "I'm only going to wear it for 10% of the year, so give it to me for 10% of the price". 



But anyway, point of this was - she wanted an informal "guarantee". 

A definite assurance it would work for her. 

It will for everyone that does it, yes. Not her though!

But anyway, more on that later. 

In college, a certain great guy Bruce Clark and myself had a contest to spot the "Definites". 

'twas a term coined out of the blue by yours truly! 

You know, we would keep seeing the hippie sorts, Baba sorts, and guys with long flowing beards and the "look" walking by, and one look at them told you ALL you needed to know ie they were high as a kite. 

And the nicest guys around too! 

Bruce would agree, hehe. In fact he DID agree...

But anyway, Bruce - great guy! We lost touch in the middle, but he's safe and sound now ... 

But anyway, so it was a contest to see who'd spot the "definites" first. 

And hot girls too. 

I won't mention the comment he once made to me on that note on this site, hehe. 

But she was HOOOOTTTTT!

Smokin hot. 

But anyway, back to it. 

No definites HERE my friend. 

I.e. whether or you get fit is ultimately up to you. 

I can GUIDE you - show you the way - the right way - and the things to DO. 

I can open the DOOR to lasting health and SUPER STRENGTH and "jaguar" like feline fitness (hey, thats another great name eh) to YOU. 

But ultimately, you and only you decide if you SUCCEED - or you fail. 

No definites, no guarantees, no refunds, and as my daughter says, if "dats" what you want, go haunt someone else's dreams. hehe. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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