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Why size isn't as important as its made out to be ...

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Got ya there for a minute, didn't I? 

But really, muscle size, no matter what muscle we're talking bout unless it's the BRAIN - that almighty source of ANY AND ALL POWER IN ALL REGARDS - size usually matters not. 

Unless, of course, it's riduculously small or big ... 

And yeah. I'm talking MUSCLES here, and the ones we can see .... or even the covered up ones, legs perhaps. 

No third legs though. REally. Hehe. 

But anyway third legs and third "wheels" aside (I've often found it interesting how women, by the way, externally adjust a lot better to being the third wheel and seemingly enjoy it - but interally - boy oh boy, they seethe! - while the guys - well, I've never done it - and never would - and those that do - they dont seem to like it that much, unless of course they're "competing" for the samr woman). 

Anyway, thats neither here nor there I'm sure you're thinking, and so am I. 

Here is a email I got from "Allen" no less in the PRC (the trolls do a pretty good job of copying NAMES - as do the spammers, hehe). 

I am Allen, Chinese, I am very good at email marketing, millions of people can receive my emails every day!
If you need to develop a global market, I can help you and will bring you surprising results!

Make a friend! thank you!


I can tell you one thing, my friend. 

Making a friend is the LAST thing on his mind. But it IS interesting how the Chinese badger you for business by saying "just friendship!" and thinking you won't see through it.It's NUTS. 

But, its also one of the thing many email marketers from ANYWHERE attempt to do. Hehe. 

Not everyone is yours truly, uber direct and upfront (except perhaps for the one email a day promise, and you get like 8. LOL) Or more. 

But anyhow, and in fact, "Allen" probably isnt' even aware this email reached me. 

He probably IS aware that the name on the email address it was sent from wasn't from "Allen somebody" - and the WeShat ID he attached was one of those common ID's the entire "office" uses. In another words,a recaptacle for "any and all incoming email". 

So even if I did email this nut back, chances are excellent he wouldn't even reply - before a month or so. 

As for the results he's gotten, I'm sure he'd copy and paste some from the Internt and send me if I asked, but nah - I won't!

Believe me. I worked IT. And I know how they do it!

And as I get those emails of "Sir, we want to build a website for you" I'm reminded of the days where our own guys (the "grunt guys") used to be sitting there spamming the Internet with "one size fits all" messages. 

And then they wondered why they didnt get business!

Anyway what makes Allen special? 

Nothing, really ... 

Except I know TWO people by that name on my WeShat, and of course "Alan" the great guy who left a testimonial for the "Rolls Royce of Fitness"!!

(and, of course, I give you real world sales stuff that WORKS like a charm in any economy HERE - The 10 Commandments of Successful Sales.

(OK, "Allen" is marketing, and I dont have a book on that out just as yet, but the above will for now).

And more pertiently - I just CULLED - did a massive cull on yet another site list I own which was growing more by the day, and getting less responsive by the day. 

Perhaps I'm a bit extreme in that regard. 

But I'd rather than a tiny very focused and responsive list than "spam a million email inboxes". 

In fact, one of the things I'm always looking to do is CULL - and TRIM - the fat. 

The more I cull, the better I do (and I ain't talking just Advanced Hill Training here - I'm talking life, business, everything). 

Not the way everyone sees it, I know. I realize that there are folks out there that think the person who didnt open the 50th email mayyyyy open the 51st. 


To me, if they didnt open 2 or 3, thats enough for me to hit delete unless there are of course tech issues etc. 

Anyway - back to "large" . 

Muscle size, my friend, has NOTHING to do with strength at all. In fact the really strong guys are usually the guys on the smaller side. 

Such as a person "my size" my buddy from the Marines (a giant!) told me about, who did 200 SLOW "elbows in" pushups without stopping to rest - slow mo!

Now thats super stud!

Remember, all in one set. 

And this pushup is one of the hardest to do that I mention in Pushup Central, but by no means THE HARDEST. 

You'll see what I mean when you get the course! 

And last, but not least - same thing and philosophy I adopt towards my customers. 

I'd rather have a FEW focused and great customers than a ton of nitwits who may or may not actually DO the thing. 

I'd rather sell my stuff to people that will USE IT - read it from cover to cover - then again - then again - then make notes - then read it again for inspiration - tweak the workouts - ask me questions - and so forth - before they do the same with the next book. 

That, my friend, is me - and my type of person! 

And so it goes. 

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to check out Kiddie Fitness right here - absolutely SUPERB course this for kids - especially during these times of "lockdown shockdown".