Wednesday, 10 February 2021 08:00

The odd connection between Chinese women, and myself

I mentioned, I believe, in an email or so prior to this how I love to feed the fish in my garden. 

Or, "look at the ducks" for ages while feeling the sun beat down upon me (if it's summer, obviously in the late afternoons). 

The wind blowing off the water, the fish swimming nearby, nary a soul around ... 

Right smack in the middle of a bustling metropolis, you "get away from it all"! 

The Chinese may be masters at deception, but sometimes they use that to good effect in their own country, and these tiny oases are something I absolutely LOVE LIVING IN. 

Yes, my apartment buildings have never had elevators. 

Yes, I got great workouts lugging massive boxes, suitcases and what not up and down. 

Yes, cases of beer too - before I figure out the Chinese to get it delivered, hehe. 

But I love it. 

But anyway, Chinese women, the women you'd think of (so says everyone) as being the most materialistic out there? 

Well, Venus - a girl I knew - once made the following comment to me when I mentioned feeding the fishes, and if she did it too. 

"I dont like!" 

When pressed for more, this is what she said. 

"I like two things! Man and money!" 

When asked for what she liked better? 

"Munnnneeeeeeeeee!" she replied with a huge grin. 

Again, specifics aren't important here. 

But women, my friend, and this is one reason I'm bringing this up are great, great "masters" at using their imagination to achive something they REALLY Want. 

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", and believe me, I've seen it all my life! 

And in my own case, the fury would have felled a lesser man (or person). 

It truly would have ... 

It's that ability to, as Charles Mitchell said "think clearly" that has always caused Mr. Houdini (I gave myself that name, hehe) to not just survive, but THRIVE. 

Same with any achiever of note anywhere. 

And it isn't just women. 

The legion of haters I have, that would like to see nothing better than me FAIL - or six feet under- is LEGION. 

And the core base of supporters I have is equally fanatical about me. 

You either love me, or you hate me, hehe. 

But anyway, Claude Bristol talks about the power women have to "visualize" (which most of them do not even realize, and use incorrectly). 

Some don't. 

Helen Keller. Marie Dressler. Mother Teresa. Again, the list is legion! Joan of Arc... 

He goes on to explain this in more details. 

But believe me, when women WANT something badly, they'll do their damndest to get it - any sneaky way or not - and of course, how dare men argue. Hehe. 

And if they can't get it, that wound will FESTER. And they'll hate you for it, and project that hate unto others too ... 

Anyway, why do I bring all this up you ask. 

Ah, yes. 

That odd connection. 

We are what we are at our core, whether we know it or not. 

And perhaps the reason most (not all, but most) Chinese women haven't caused me too much "Strife" is that they KNOW this is a wild horse that cannot be tamed no matter what. 

A man might be down, but the crux lies in determining, and ultimately only HE can - whether he will STAY down. 

As Rocky said, it aint about how hard you can hit. 

It's about how hard you can GET hit - and keep moving FORWARD. 

Thats how WINNING is done ultimately. 

It may take eons, or not, but adopt an attitude like that and success shall be yours, either physically or not. 

Either in this life or the next, hehe. 

I love the Gladiator

Anyway, thats enough ramble for me. 

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"Sir, you're really killing it!" 

And I'm out! 


Rahul Mookerjee

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