Thursday, 11 February 2021 16:18

Whining and moaning on social media and why the idea of having accountability buddies is utter ROT

I can just hear people say it ... 

What an A hole Rahul is! 

How insensitive can he be!

And, thank you for saying that - to those that are. 

I realize a lot of my hard knock stuff may come across that way, but it's also stuff like that that seperates the bozos and wannabes and losers from the DOERS - and WINNERS - at anything, life, fitness,whatever. 

Anyway, earlier on this evening I was going to expound on my opinion on why that movie I watched "yesterday" i.e. "The Meg" was the most utterly horrendous and USELESS (other than giving Statham some more goggling fans in the mainland, or adding on to his existing base there - which - along with a hefty pay packet is why the poor chap probably agreed to such tripe. For an actor of his screen presence, caliber, and chops - he must have been literally moaning at having to carry the film - and it shows at the end when he does a strange "eyebrow waggle" with a little girl and says "I need a vacation! Oh my!" (he didnt say "oh my", but it was evident) but I decided not to, and leave it for a movie site. 

As for Statham, again, admirable acting - and hey. I need a vacation after sitting through that abomination and I can only imagine what it must be like to act in it. 

The crux of "horribleness" and ineptitude and shoddy acting in that movie was Li Bing Bing, who goes through the entire movie with a "see how less I Care" attitude, and it shows. 

Even when she does the equivalent of "litte dick" with her forefinger and thumb to show how little she cares if her ex makes it out alive or not (she didnt mean dyck by that, but thats what it reminds me of the gesture - porno and such - except she does it in such a borrrrrrreeeeed manner that even if one were to make that association - it would do NO good whatsoever). 

Anyway, we'll let that be for now. 

But, the "see how much I care" is pretty much what I get after reading most posts on social media. 

Enter this beauty (part of it) 


It’s time for me now.

Over the last five months, with the nightmare we’ve lived through with my dad’s illness and supporting my mum with her health problems and adjustments, I have totally neglected myself.

I’ve put on over a stone in weight and I haven’t done any exercise for five months, and if I’m honest I’ve been drinking a tad too much too.

So now I need to get a grip and get back on track. Before all this I was careful about what I ate and I exercised six days a week. But it’s hard to motivate myself.

I could do with an accountability buddy. I intend to do a HIIT session on the elliptical today. Can somebody check on me later to make sure I did it?


Now, really - her Dad was terminally ill, so if she just said "its time for me, and ranted about it" - I'd get it. 

(not sure about whats happening with her Mom, but again, I get it)

Really, I would ... 

But the thing of drinking too much, neglecting oneself, and then "telling the world that she needs to get a grip and get back on track" - why not just DO IT? 

Why not do what Napoleon Hill says i.e. Tell the world what you're going to do, but SHOW IT FIRST!

And I dont know -there is a WHINY vibe coming off that post. 

Last, but not least, accountability buddies? 

I mean, if you're posting about it publicly, why not just do it? 

Alien concept to most people apparently who need the drama and "hugs" and "shows of support" ... 

I dont know - every time I've ever asked for support in that regard (back when I still did) - I got - well - deafening silence. 

Or idiotic comments along the lines of "we dont understand what you're going through". 

And you know what? 

I'm glad that happened - because it taught me to rely upon myself - and MYSELF ALONE. 

Inner strength, my friend, is the only real strength you ever need. 

As for hard to motivate onself, especially when one is fat - this is a typical excuse the MOANERS give me all the time (this lady didnt tell me - but I'm saying those that piss and moan). 

I mean, Jesus. 

Isn't the fact that you've put on that much damn weight and turned into a bonafide lard ass enough to motivate you? 

She's got time to drink up, but not work out because she is "not motivated" ... 

I mean, shit. 

I'd look at myself in the mirror and want change NOW ... 

Anyway, thats me. 

I would recommend a dose of Gumption Galore to this lady, but of course. How dare I "sell". HEhe. So, I said nothing. 

And in any case she probably wouldn't do the thing anyway, so ...

And that concludeth THIS particular "rant" if you can call it that, but it really isn't. 

I'll get back soon. Perhaps with another "review" of a movie or something, hehe. We'll see!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If only this lady knew about the JAGUAR of all fitness programs ...

PS #2 - As for "having no time" - I have ALWAYS had time for exercise. It doesnt matter if I'm busier than a bee, or not, or "depressed" or not - or having a rough day - or got up on the wrong side of the bed or what not. Personally I know very well that your body is your temple, and the minute you neglect it is the minute TONS Of other problems pop up in your life. Pity I'm one of the few ones that thinks that way!