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The difference between BULLYING and being aggressive - and what HYPOCRITES and bullies all usually have in common

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Well, two things I should say. Or three. 

It's odd, but the biggest bullies I've observed all my life, right from childhood until the grand ole age of 40 PLUS - when more WORLDS BE opening up to me DAILY ... aren't necessarily what you might expect physically. Or even mentally in most cases. 

Most, despite their outright bravado and or bluster are usually timed and "sad in their own little lives from which they have NO escape". 

So, they take it out - on whoever they can. 

Emphasis on "can". 

If the person is a boss, he'll be an ugly mean boss and "fire" people whenever he can - not necessarily because he's physcially or mentally any better than them. By dint of his "position". And he'll then go back home to his own sorry life and wifey ordering him around ... 

Or, it could be the schoolyard bully. 

Big and fat. Yours truly has been on the receiving end of more than a few whacks from these wackos which is good as it taught me a lot. 

Not to mention the two things that every street fighter should know (Aaron, a friend of mine back in the day called me just that). 

"you're a street fighter!" 

That I can be, and am ... 

Two things? 

ONe, always have something in reserve. 

Two, never stop ATTACKING no matter what, and if attacked, attack x 10000 BACK. 

Read Shantaram, the tale of the Aussie that shows up in India illegally and then stays on for more on this (well, it's mentioned somewher ein the annals of the book. Hehe. Quite a long read but a great one). 

But anyway, bullies. And hypocrites. 

They do the things they tell others NOT to do themselves. They attack - but ONLY when they KNOW they will win - because they have an unfair advantage. 

They force (or try to force) others to live THEIR way. 

And perhaps most stunningly, or not - when these bullies (and I'm talking male bullies here, but I have no doubt female ones are the same - they ARE, actually) - when confronted with MEN that ask these people to back their shit up - they fail - miserably - and often in a most humiliating manner. 

I've seen it time and time again for ALL bullies I've ever encountered. 

And dont get me wrong. 

Yours truly has got his ass handed to him many a times. 

But I was BEATEN. 

I was NOT humiliated. 

And I've always oddly enough managed to be in situations where the other person was bigger, or he had some sort of advantage - but NOT an unfair one. 

Thats how you best yourself, my friend. 

By going up AND against someone better, learning, and then eventually BETTERING. 

True aggression is fighting back against these idiots. 

And once you do, they piss off to their little holes and let you live "and let live". 

Bozo Schofield is a prime example of this, although I've no doubt he's plotting his next "troll move" with his nicotine stained teeth baring with every thought. Hehe. 

True aggression is standing up for what you believe in - what you know to be true - and doing it no matter how much opposition you might encounter or "what the buffoons out there might say". 

True aggression isn't kicking a man when he's down, or appears to be. 

True aggression physically is a FAIR fight - not an unfair one. 

And so forth. 

Anyway, point of all this is ..... 

.... I dont know! 

Brain dump, I suppose, one of those many brain dumps, but I believe you'll find it inspirational anyway. 

But anyway, I think the things in common? 

Bullies and hypocrities usually have the loudest voice, flappiest man tits, and biggest bellies ... 

(and are usually hunchback of Notre Dame x 10000) 

(if you're a person reading this that wants to FIX this above issue - go here - and get the course - not just READ - GET IT. And then implement!). 

Some may be in shape, but most are NOT. 

"He who talks the most usually HAS a massive belly" (I'm talking people that give inane and unwanted advice to others on how to live their lives etc, or the bullies, and so forth). 

And they accuse real men of being bullies. 


Matty "Big Matt the Bat" Hayden, an Aussie cricketing legend and a guy I greatly admire was accused of being a bully often. 

"He's huge!" people would remark. 

That he was!

There is a reason that picture of him is there on the Battletank Shoulders page (I've no doubt that if you were to ask him, he'd list handstand pushups along with swimming as the reason behind that brawn - or one of them!) 

He took on the opposition. Often three at a time. 

They backed down. 


And so they called him a bully. 

A man who was and is as gentle and laid back off the field as could be, and certainly no "firebrand" like yours truly, hehe. 

Family man. Christian. (no I'm not espousing any religion in particular here). 

And so forth. 

And the moronic idiots who called me that secretly looked at him and wished they could be HIM. 


"nuff said. 

Anyway, true aggression in life and fitness is what it's about. 

Fitness wise, start here


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And once you pick up that course, be sure to pick this one up too. Simply a MUST have for ANY sort of trainee.