Friday, 12 February 2021 08:35

Why the number of TRUE friends you have is usually inversely proportional to your success - at anything

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, and it's true. 

Friends and family, my friend, are often times one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people "think" they cannot succeed, or hold back from doing what they want, or ... 

Fear of criticism. Fear of negativity. Fear of "what will they think". 

Fear, most of all, of the reaction they might get for being different. 

Yes,it sounds astounding, but THAT is a very common fear people have internally despite saying exterally that they "want to be different". 

Those that truly are different usually just "are" without saying it. 

And perhaps the most astonishing part of all this is .... they're sabotaging their own and perhaps your success too - and how? 


Without "wanting to" .

Ever seen crabs in a bucket, my friend? 

The ONE crab that tries to climb out and the litany of others trying to drag it back in? 

(Mark Twain would be proud of that above statement, and if you ask why, well, read Twain) 

(Or, read what he said about spelling and grammar). 

But anyway, lets give you a very clear example. 

Why did Bozo Schofield make up his mind to troll me the minute I trusted him enough to show him one of my websites? 

Until then his Bozo ass hadn't thought of Googling me, because "why should he Google someone he thought was a nobody". 

Perhaps I should have remained one in his eyes, hehe. 

But I was trying to do what I Do best i.e. help and motivate, of course, little did I know. LOL. 

Sometimes even yours truly gets fooled by these Hannibal Lecter types. 

(though he's nowhere near as bright). 

Why did the "friend" Charles not tell me about his trolling when he saw it? 

Because deep down inside, Charles is ...NOT racist. Hehe. 

No, he aint. 

It wasn't about "him hating me". 

Deep down inside though, there was this "how dare he be a fitness guy and in shape". 

I sensed the vibration the first time I met him, and I was telling everyone how alcohol is alcohol regardless of calories, and he made the comment about me being a "fitness guy". 

But I looked into his eyes, and I saw it. 

Though nowehere at the level of the Bozo, hehe. 

For him, it was about "how dare this guy try and climb out of the ESL bucket (which I never really got into - always something "dragging me out of it"". 

Obviously you might or might not have Bozo Schofield's in your life. 

But "friends" and family, my friend, often subconsciously "hate" and sabotage our chances of success more than we realize. 

Hence the truism of what Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing. 

Go and tell no man! 

Or, Napoleon Hill.  (in all his books)

Tell the world what you're going to do, but SHOW it first. 

Because if you don't follow this - those energy leaks will sabotage YOUR SUCCESS. 

Do you recall me telling you about the two guitars - one in my room - and one in my daughter - that mysteriously start chiming when we enter our respective rooms, regardless of the space/time continum? 

Yes, I did tell you! 

And some may have branded me a looney tune for saying it. 

Which is perfectly fine. 

Mine still chimes. 

But hers didn't. 

She didnt follow my advice of "don't tell anyone" about it from what I gather ... 

Anyway, this ain't about vibrating guitars and all that. The mysteries of the Universe I will leave for another she-male, hehe. (email) 

But the point, jokes aside, fitness. 

If you're a lardass that wants to get to stud status at pull-ups, you'd be better off by not telling anyone about your goals, methinks. 

And certainly not ranting about it to people that DO the thing, and do it far better than you and do it far better despite their handicaps which you do not and never had most likely. 

Same thing the Belly of Buddha. 

Do it first. 

Then tell the world about it!

And thats what I do - and did!

Out for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - PIck up the Jaguar of all fitness systems - youll see a sleek "not fat hehe" cat on the cover DOING the thing, and only then telling YOU To do it. In fact, you'll find you will feel I am right there WITH YOU as you read!

PS #2 - Almost forgot the friends part. Remember, you are who you surround yourself with from a subconscious standpoint. This holds true for EVERYONE. And if you've got nutjobs all around you, best thing is to go QUIET - and go INTERNAL. Believe me, I've never had any success without doing things from an internal standpoint. At anything! And right as of now, I can count the number of true and real friends I've got around me as ....probably ONE or two, but no more, and they ain't the ones you'd think they are either ...