Saturday, 13 February 2021 09:53

Men with gumption, or men with MUNNEEEEEEEEEE?

It's odd, but not entirely unexpected. 

It's Chinese New Year right now, and as usual I'm getting the usual "bevy of beauties" at my doorstep, both literal and figuratively. 

And in the vast majority of cases, I fold my hands and say this. 

"No Thank you, Madam". 

I dont care what they might be offering or why. El Caveman prefers to remain as such, and WILL remain as such, and NO force on this here MIGHTY planet can BUDGE HIM. 

(planet of the apes, hehe. dont know why that came to mind!) 

And of course the moronic WeShat messages from girls. 

"Any red packets?" 

(in other words, they barely know me, and want money for ....well, I DO know what. Findom, and that ain't somethign "el cavemen" is really interested in either if you get my drift) 

(I'd introduce them all to Bozo Schofield, he who wants to be a servant for women apparently, but he's got an empty pocket, LOL. Ain't nothing free in life, not even "dominant" women like the Bozo so cherishes and desires, but doesn't GET. Hehe). 

I know I'm an asshole for rubbing it in (to the Bozo and others like him). And I will continue to do so. 

Now, lets get REAL. 

LEt's get serious. 

Karl Gotch, the GOD of Pro Wrestling (and I dont mean the pantomine the WWE is) in Japan and his protege and multi billionaire (I assume, by now, hehe) Matt Furey. 

And a guy (the latter) I freely quote and acknowlege in my books and courses, and a guy who I've apparently bested from the some of the feedback I get. And belive me now and trust me later - I dont know Matt from Adam, but if he were to read this, he'd be the first to say "Good job - IF You did it!" 

And in that regard, I have. 

Becoming a millionaire? 

Not as yet. 

But I haven't set that goal as yet (so I say, hehe. Tell the world what you're going todo, but show it first!) 

Anyway, Gotch apparently wrote an uncomplimentary letter about Furey once. 

Gotch, from what I gather didnt think much of men with MONEY. 

He did value GUMPTION THOUGH! 

"I never charged anyone to learn", is what he says (part of the letter - if you want the rest - let me know). 

All I wanted was (I think he said HEART, but I'm not sure). . . 

Now, Furey. 

The guy gets a lot of flak for a lot of things, most of all the money. 

I dont know - I dont have his products, but I DO know (one of the videos my friend showed me) that he did freely credit Gotch with what he learned. 

So I dont know what the ruckus is all about. 

Ah wait. 

Matt made munnnnneeeeee.

Much like me, how dare he. Hehe. 

But think about it, friend. 

What is LIFE without money? 

Where does the abundance that man is collectively entitled to come from without money? 

What would you do goals wise without money? 

What woud you do In YOUR LIFE without money? 

everything has a price, my friend. 

El Dorado is there, but you MUST pay the price. 

And on that sage note, why I offer discounts etc SOMETIMES? 

Because like Gotch, I value GUMPTION. 

That ain't to say I want freebie seekers - NO. Cheapskates are generally shown - well, the door. 

And they deserve just that. 

But money ain't all, but it's a lot. 

End of the day, GUMPTION, my friend. 

But always remember - what would YOU do without money!? 

I'm out - back soon!


rahul Mookerjee

PS - I haven't even put the links etc in. Let me get back and do it!