Sunday, 14 February 2021 08:23

Free, and the mindset of a LOSER

Some of you might think that I'm talking my products here and freebie seekers and I probably should. 

Bozos incarnate as it were. 

But believe me, sometimes, if you're dealing with a true DOER - and I deal with a few on this list - then you do all you can to help 'em out. 

That doesnt mean you give them products for free but you HELP them. 

I've given discounts to some on this list despite saying I never do and will continue to do so, and the reason isn't making more money later, and/or making less now, or anything like that. 

I recognize these people are doers, and are willing to do EVERYTHING they can to own (in some cases) all my products. 

And I'll help 'em out the best I can. 

But really, here is what I am saying. 

Back in the day, I gave a couple of my friends (this was before I was a believer in the "friends and family are often the WORST for you in terms of downing you and putting you down when they should be doing the exact opposite - but really - they dont know what they're doing themselves subconsciously so don't blame 'em - just don't SHARE your ideas etc with them for the most part!") a copy of the first draft of 0 Excuses Fitness

Which was pretty much the finished version too (I just removed a few pictures from the end of the book since I thought they were superflous). 

They were me at even more lardass status than on the cover of the book on PULL-ups. Hehe. Maybe I should have left them in there - the Bozos would have had a field day, hehe. 

But anyway ... 

You'd think these guys would eagerly devor the book. 

Indeed, here is the statment both made. 

"I'd really like to read it!" 

Years later, they haven't even OPENED the book, because subconsciously a ) "It's just Rahul!" How can he know anything! and b) it's FREE, so it's worthless. Hehe. 

Or, if I did what some other authors do "it's just a dollar". 

It is NO coincidence that I do not talk to these people for the most part anymore because they've always disappointed when I really needed them ... without meaning to. 

They did not mean to do it. 

Right. You read that right!

People do it without KNOWING they're doing it. 

But anyway, not everyone is like that. 

To me, if I get something I want free (oddly enough, most of my life, I haven't "paid" except through my own labor etc, and I've ALWAYS got a just reward) from someone I really admire, I'll give THANKS. 

I'll say I am LUCKY. 

Which I AM. 


And then I'll read the damn thing from cover to cover. 

I'll never stop reading it and telling people how good it is, and how much it motivated me, and got me where I am today. 

Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Believing, and a couple of books by Tom Hopkins. Dan Kennedy. Many of the greats!

I mean, I did most of these things myself before I read the books, and yet I cannot stop talking about these books. 

THAT is what it's about! 

And THAT is what my own customers know ... 

Greatness demands ACKNOWLEDLGEMENT, whether you like it or not ... 

And on that sage note, I'm out. Pick up some great fitness and motivational products here

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Curiously enough ,one of the friends said "he was too busy", but he found time to read other books he BOUGHT. Go figure, eh. Hehe.