Monday, 15 February 2021 07:47

Why you should write loooooooonnnnnnnnngggggg emails that PISS people off big time

Or send long voice notes that the idiots dont have "time to listen to". 

Or, send lonnnnnnggg text notes that make people's eyes water and say "Jesus, Rahul!" 

(Alan is a great guy!) 

Or, as a former boss of mine told me when I was "convincing him to pay me NOW rather than the BS of one month later" (I mean, he got the money NOW, so why not me was what I said in a very eloquent manner). 

"Long email!" was his response. 

And he agreed. 

Back in the day, ole Freddie, a great great guy wanted to cut costs (although oddly enough, we made sure to skim off the top wherever possible - when I say "we" I mean ....ah, but I'll let that be!) 

(nothing like what you may think - but yeah - those "official dinners" and bills tended to ne a bit BLOATED sometimes, hehe, much like yours truly was at the time). 

I'll expound more on that later, but Freddie was a smart dude. 

And he saw somethign in me, obviously, or he wouldn't have hired me in the manner he did. 

But anyway (and yeah, I made a mistake leaving the way I did) ... 

I was the de facto I.T. Manager, and the computers were all running Winblows, and Freddie wanted a free alternative. 

So I said I'd put Linux on the systems. There were a lot!

We spoke costs, and I "convinced" an already convinced man of the costs etc. 

Verbally, we agreed. 

And I said I'd do it. 

"Wait! But what about writing?" , asked ole Freddie, making the typing motion with his fingers. "It needs to be in WRITING!" 


That it did! 

My Dad and Freddie have a few things in common - I do remember my Dad once telling me YEARS ago "IT's not so much how you think as how much you can put those thoughts down on PAPER". 

Sure, he wasn't an advocate of loooooonnnnnnggg emails. Most try and keep it pithy ... I dont. 

But still, despite all the rancor between my "family" and myself, my father did try and sneak in a few useful ditties here and there that have stuck wth me - NOT because "Daddy said so" (HA!) - but because some of it is damned useful from a biz perspective, and I filed it away as soon as I heard it. 

Anyway, I dont write long emails to piss people off. 

I write it to so my opinion - and the logic - and reason - and feelings behind it are all there on paper. 

No-one can turn back and say "I didnt say that" when arguments occur later. 

And in "heated" face to face discussion, people often lose track of FACTS. 

'Tis a fact, Jack. 

There is a reason there are lengthy 100 page contracts for damn near any decent busines endevaor. 

And of course, THAT client from the company and the way he presented his point - I used to write long emails before that too but I learned and picked up a lot from his style too. 

For free. 

Interesting how us doers get things for free, and we VALUE them, and then IMPLEMENT ... 

Anyway, get the book right here my friend. You'll love it - that I do guarantee - and you WILL be able tos ell your way through life with the tips therein! 

And fitness wise, well, that ole Rolls Royce of course. 

Speaking of which, I 'm out for some squats soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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