Wednesday, 17 February 2021 07:00

Dare to . . .

Back in the day, when I was a little kid, or I think maybe around 10 or so, I was trying to get onto a CAMEL. 

In India of all things. 

And that damn thing shook, shuddered, and I was scared out of my WITS. 

A caustic comment was made by someone I won't mention who said "He can fight in school, but he can't get on a camel!" 

Well . . . 

I dont know many men that like getting on camels for one, other than camel herder or our friends from the Middle East who "came in on camels, drive luxury cars, and in a few years will likely be back to camel back riding again". 

It also reminds me of a certain person in that part of the world who reportedly when the business was down rode around on donkeys no less prospecting new business (back in the day). 

Truly no limits to persistence! 

But anyway, the point isn't camels. 

I was once scared SHITLESS of horseback riding, but I've done that too. 

Swimming? I believe I was scared when I started, and right now, you could dump me in the ocean and I'd happily swim around without fear of "Megaladon" sneaking up behind me. 

Believe me, the fear of the ocean is what MANY people still have NOT gotten over. 

Other hand, yours truly is scared of heights - when looking down. 

Oddly enough, when driving, I can negotiate tough roads in the Himalayas that would make experienced drivers puke with NO PROBLEM or vertigo. 

Unless it's that time I never wrote about, or maybe I did, when I "blew a valve" so to speak when I was surrounded by Rambo like dense forests in a tiny little car - and them forests had TIGERS in them. Lots of 'em! 

Visit Uttarakhand if you can - well worth it! 

Or, if you're a Jim Corbett fan which I AM. 

But anyway, the point isn't my "activities" so much as life. 

I dared to go to China when everyone told me NOT to. I still maintain that despite what the CCP is doing NOW, it was one of the, if not THE best decision I ever made. 

I got married when I was again -t old not to. Did that work out? 

No, but do I regret the decision? Not for a minute. 

I was told to NOT work any of the jobs I chose, and choose a more conventional career path. 

Did I? 


And I'm damn glad I didnt. 

In China, tons of idiots told me to stick to "teaching English": (which I admittedly got paid more than them at) and "forget about anything else". 

Stick to the hourly wage, get drunk later and forget about it until the next class which you curse and get through, get back home, pass out, and such as it goes. 


Not for me, Jack. 

My point is this - my friend. 

Not necessarily to dare to be DIFFERENT. 

It is dare to be YOU. 

Which is something most people aren't. 

When you find the real you is when REAL happiness will emerge my friend. 

Be you - unapolegetically - and never back down from what you want! 

Never believe you can't get it! 

Fitness wise, same thing. 

I was told "I could never do this" or ":never be so slim and strong" or "never do pushups like the champs (oddly enough, even though I did them with NO prodding from a young age LIKE a champ)" and so forth ... 

I was told "my books and products would never ever sell". 


I was told "you need to hire professional photographers". 


I was told "it's just fitness". No-one will buy!


And so forth. 

Point isn't me tho, it's YOU bro. 

DARE is the word. 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I want to see you say not just say "yes". I want you to say YUSSSSSSSS! And fitness wise, dare to dream that the fat will be CHISELED off at warp speeds - once you get on the Jaguar of all training programs here. Believe me, the proof is right there on the page as well, but if you're one of the lot that automatically says "price" or "it won't work", then it probably won't, and isn't for you. 

Doers, get the course NOW