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Why FIVE star HOTELS aren't, won't, and shouldn't be "free" or for the cheap skates

Tis amazing, my friend. It's amazing! 

When I first went to China in 2004, the company I was working for put me up at a four star hotel "Winnerway" for the night. 

And though I loved the room, they did all they could to RUSH ME OUT of the room ASAP the next morning. 

Wouldn't even wait until the check out time of 11:00 AM lest the hotel charge extra (for another day). 

Then they RUSHED me into finding an apartment - on the spot pretty much, with the first rental agency they chose. 

I paid for all of this myself (not the room, but the rest of it). 

Curiously enough my boss who hired me got the reverse treatment. Company put him up and was GLAD to put him up in a hotel for more than 2 weeks while he "scouted" around to find the best location for his family. 

They paid his rent and everything too, which was more than what 10 employees of that office made in a month. Hehe. 

But anyway, I'm not talking about the boss. 

The HR manager was your typical bean counter, and from the minute I refused to take on extra and unfair responsibilities (she was not even my boss!) - she hated me with everything she had. 

I could feel it. Hehe. And she made my life a living hell, unlike Perry, the next HR manager who liked me as much, and the next boss, who liked me too. 

(All evens out, and I'm sorry to say - but I want to say it again - I left that second job in a manner I should not have - live and learn - but they took it well!). 

Anyway . . . 

When I returned to China thereafter in future years (as yall know, I did some work in India after that) - I always either consciously or unconsciously stayed at NICE hotels. 

Even when I didnt have a lot of money - I made sure the initial trip was "pleasant". 

And I usually stayed for at least three days and didnt feel guilty about it in the least. 

Inevitably, the time went WELL (even after I checked out of the hotel). 

I often wondered why. 

Years later, I read Napoleon Hill's book "Outwitting the Devil", and understood immediately the importance of putting yourself in a PROSPEROUS environment first mentally and then physically to prosper. 

Your definition of prosperous might not be 5 star hotels when you dont have much in the bank except FAITH. 

Hill's was, and mine was too - and is - and will be - regardless of what the future might bring or hold! 

Except I know what it holds. 

And anyway ... money aside, the same applies to fitness. 

Want to get in the best shape of your life - then learn from the best. 

Want to achieve the BEST results - extreme results - then learn from one whose "Mr Extreme" been there, done that, got the T-shirt, and has several more. 

And so forth. 

With all this in mind let's take a look at a reply a regular customer of mine sent in from the UK (this was in response to an email I sent out about cheapskates) - 

(the email was entitled what a whiner and moaner whose first langauge is clearly NOT English told me i.e. "I'm tired of thi scrap!!) 

(it's posted on the other blog too for "posterity")


W. T. F. I don't understand either, you're offering a "service" just like a Michelin Starred Chef at a top restaurant, if I want to experience what that Michelin Starred Chef has to offer? I book a table at the restaurant, order from the menu eat my meal and pay the bill whatever it is, after I've eaten I feel satisfied that I've experienced something that not everyone has the opportunity or the means to experience, either I want the experience or knowledge or whatever it is or I don't.
If I do want what is on offer then I pay the price, if the price is too high??? Then I have a choice to make, I have to balance what means the most to me, the experience, knowledge or whatever it is or the money either way the choice is mine.
If I decide the money means more to me than the experience, knowledge or whatever I cannot bellyache later that I've missed out on whatever was on offer and tell the person selling the service that they're wrong for trying to make money from the service on offer.
I cannot understand why some people think nothing of spending a fortune on fine dining, cigarettes, booze or whatever but when it comes to training knowledge and experience those same people expect it to be free, well good luck with that.
Rahul my friend you must have the patience of a saint because I would not even bother replying to these morons.
I for one feel lucky that you feel I'm worthy of your help and I would never expect nor ever ask you to give me your products for nothing.
Yes, you are more than generous and you give me very favourable discounts but I have too much respect for you and myself to expect something for nothing.
People need to wake up and smell the roses, there's no such thing as a "free lunch".
Warmest Regards
And that, my friend truly says it all. 
He knows that value means value. He isn't "afraid" to spend - invest - money when he sees greatness and great products that will help HIM (and you) further along the path to his and your goal. 
He doesn't see lack - he sees OPPORTUNITY. 
He doesn't complain about price. He finds a way to GET IT (the discount I gave him is WELL DESERVED, by the way). 
(and no, I don't do discounts in general). 
And so forth. 
"Wake up and smell the roses folks". 
How true, my friend. 
How true!
Rahul Mookerjee
PS - HERE is my response - 

Hey John -

Thanks for the email! Yeah, there's a bunch of nuts out there as you can tell - - I didnt really reply at length to the person, mostly on the list (but he (he's acting like a "she" though, hehe) is on the list, so he probably saw the response, but he's still on there!) . . . but yeah. People are willing to fork out a fortune for stuff like Apple phones etc - but (like you say) the equivalent in training, and somehow they balk at it.

Then you have those that pay a fortune in gym memberships that end up lying unused for more than half of the year (this can be statistically proven) - and yet, a one time investment in a book that will build gumption not just mentally but physically too via all the right ways is "too much".

Truly a case of misplaced priorities!

I mean, there is obviously no issue with wanting to enjoy the finer things in life - I myself do (Corona being my favorite beer ;)) but the complaining which is mostly "jealousy" about "how dare he sell products and make money from home" is just - to me - and obviously you too - RETARDED. If these people would spend half their time (that they did whining about others) in improving their own lives, they'd go a long way towards making their own lives better!

Anyway, thats why I've put out motivational products as well and talk a lot about the spiritual side of things in my emails - in the hope that people "see the light" in that regard (nah, I dont mean in a "Jesus" sort of sense but you know what I mean!). All this talk about "recession" and "tough times" are just that talk - if you recall what happened during the Great Depression in America in the 30's, it faded away as quickly as it began (I believe Roosevelt and his method of changing people's THOUGHT had more than something to do with it!) - and the sooner people in general "get it", the sooner we can all return back to normal in the present.

I used to be and probably still am one of the most impatient people out there in many regards, but I seem to be mellowing out as of late (I think especially over the last few months). Perhaps ever since I turned 40, haha.

Thanks for your kind words - they mean a lot - as far as the discounts go, no problem if it means "genuinely helping someone out" (such as in your case) - as you know though, there's a lot of jackasses out there that are timewasters, so I keep my prices high etc to ward 'em off (thats one reason - the rest you already know :)).

Keep training hard!


Rahul Mookerjee