Thursday, 18 February 2021 10:04

Why I avoid NOSY parkers like the PLAGUE From China

So, a lot of time folks come to me. 

"What are you doing" (or what do you do), they ask. 

They look at what I do. 

Hmmmph! Thats useless, they say. Why do you do that? 

In the past, I told them, and wasted precious energy and the SPIRIT trying to explain to them nutjobs. 

That it's about three things - 1) doing what I love while helping people 2) getting my just DESSERTS For it and 3) well - connecting to the Spirit which is how in a sense of relaxed flow I get so much done, even when everything outside is seemingly going topsy turvy. 

If you're in "God's" (or you could say Universe, as I do), literally NOTHING can be topsy turvy, and everything IS positive. 

No, I dont mean the idiots who jump up and down and ignore REALITY. 

I mean those that take reality, and force it to conform to THEIR STANDARDS AND EXPECTATIONS, NOT what someone else imagined for them. 

GOal setting is the only way I know of this can be done, while you ignore everything outside it and the barrage of negativity you are sure to get even if you do NOT announce your goals to the world. 

"I'll teach you", I used to tell 'em. 

Hmmmpphh! How dare you charge? 

And therefore, my friend, when someone - anyone - asks me what I Do - I tell them - NOT. 

I tell them I ENJOY LIFE. 

Which curiously enough is what I do daily x 100. 

x 1000. 

As everyone was meant to, but precous few DO. 

With that in mind, lets take a look at what John (the customer I wrote about in my last email) had to say - (again, continuing the conversation about freebie seekers and such). 

I am pasting the relevant portions of the message beneath. From the horse's mouth as it were!


back to the various shit heads who feel aggrieved that because you can find "most" of the things you teach online for free? Then you should not charge for your knowledge, experience or skill either.
Well people if that is true then what is your problem? If you truly believe that you can learn all you want/need to know online, then why are you wasting your time writing and sending stupid pointless emails that achieve nothing and serve no valid purpose, life is just way too short to waste it with this absurd diatribe, if however you realise that you cannot learn everything online and you're ready to "really learn" from a master of his craft, then the name is Mookerjee, Rahul Mookerjee.
Anyway my friend hope all is well with you, take care, train hard and don't let the bastards grind you down.  
Yours truly - - 

As for the idiots out there (the cheapskates and freebie seekers) - they're usually too lazy to get even the free stuff and use it. Obviously experience has no substitute as well, and it's the jealous lot that look for a reason to bicker and tear down because like with the Bozo, thats pretty much all they have and attract into their own lives.

Yes - best to stay AWAY from such sorts - and you're spot on - it's an utter waste of time dealing with them!

(other than help others LEARN what to avoid, hehe)..... 

Well, my brother, that says it all, and if the cheap skates bugger you about Rahul Mookerjee, a true MASTER OF HIS CRAFT and the GAME too - and FITNESS too - well - you know what to tell 'em! 

For now, its adios - be sure and grab your dream product HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

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