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What we can ALL learn from the Texas blackout

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Texas, probably my favorite state in the US of A, and (in my opinion) one of the most progressive in many ways. 

Does many things right, not the least of which being gun rights and such (and therefore low crime rate for the most part). Along with Arizona, it sometimes almost feels one's entered an "autonomous" part of the nation - - especially if one is coming from places like the Socialist Republic of New York (or somewhere in the Union of "Yankee" Socialist Republics), the People's Republic of California, and so on and so forth. 

Great place to be! 

And over the past week they've been dealing with problems normally only seen in India, hehe (and other "third world countries, or perhaps even certain parts of China 20 years ago). 

No power in freezing cold temperatures - way worse than normal, which is why the grid collapsed (so they say). 

And no potable water even for days. Texans were literally boiling their water the way it's done in many parts of the world ... 

Unthinkable for a state like texas. 

Lesson to be learnt? 

Never think, in life, business, health wise, or fitness wise "it can't happen to me". 

One is NEVER too big to be taken down. 

For those thinking Texas "didnt prepare" - wrong. This winter was just one of the coldest out there - and you'd think that with all the A/C's that run in summer, if they had the plants operating at that capacity/output, then there would be no problem now. 

Probably not - except? 

They didnt expect it. 

Always expect the unexpected (but HOPE for the best) is my mantra for everything, my friend. 

And for a state that does so much else RIGHT, it comes as an interesting wake up call in some regards. 

Some are calling for the state's mostly independent power grid to be "hooked up more" to the national grid. 

I dont agree - unless there is a convincing argument, I'd say it's far better to be independent as far as possible. 

But, due planning is required .... but of course, what does one do with completely unseasonal temperatures! 

(some seem to be saying that this sort of winter happens every 8 years, so why not prepare). 

As always, tons of opposing viewpoints on everything. 

End of the day - always remember - if it CAN happen - chances are it might - and therefore - always plan for it! 

Same thing with your health and fitness my friend. 

Always stay PREPARED for anything. 

Because, as a customer of mine said a while "yo unever know! You just might need it one day!" 

And that, my friend is that. 

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - PIck up the best home based fitness system here. It'll keep you warm, thats for sure - I remember many a "freezing weather" workout in China! (in years bygone it once SNOWED where I am - record cold!). 


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