Saturday, 20 February 2021 11:55

Good things come in THREE's

I dont know why, but for me, the axiom "Good things come in three's" has always held true (now that I think about it) 

I dont know why, but this "rule" has been ruminating around in my mind for a while, and NOW I feel the need to write to you about it! 

I think it was a saying? Or perhaps a poem?

Perhaps both? 

But good things DO come in three's my friend 

Beer, pizza and GALS. For a lot of my life, hehe (when I wanted them). 

Friends. I've oddly enough had THREE good friends in my life - and three bad. (before I "detached" myself). 

And I've got no idea how many books I've written ... but actually I do. Both on the fitness site, and another and guess what, all come in "three's". 

Anyway, the spiritual side of this is beyond this email. 

The WORKOUT side of it is what I want to tell YOU about. 

Have you ever noticed in my book, that I ask you to focus on the biggies? 

Yes, You say. You have, eh. 

But what you may or may not have noticed is this - that the EXERCISES are done in "three". 

Not necessarily the reps and sets, but the "number of different exercises". 

Pull-ups, pushups and hill climbs.  (0 Excuses Fitness) 

Hindu squats, handstand pushups and pull-ups.  (Battletank Shoulders?) 

Reverse pushups, regular pushups and table pushups.  (I think this one was there in the book on reverse pushups

And so forth . . . 

And this "three" combo has brought me the best results of my life, and it continues to do so for MANY OTHERS globally. 

Truly a PHENOM is yours truly fitness wise, and many other ways I have not yet spoken of. Hehe. 

Alright, thats enough "horn blowing". 

Get the courses now, or if you already have 'em, get some more HERE

And remember these rules (or this one) when you workout TODAY! 

Give it your BEST!


Rahul Mookerjee