Sunday, 21 February 2021 12:04

Another wacko expat in China gets the BOOT and it's GOOD and TRUE

Rant time. Hehe. 

You on this list know my dislike of ESL, and the so called biz experts who claim to be "experts on doing business in China" and do everything they can to tom tom the damn place ... all the while while gettng drunker than skunks, fatter and more miserable wondering when Chinese Near Year will end, so they can go back to licking ESL employers ... 

I won't quite say it. 

But really, ESL itself is the HOLE. Black hole. Not THAT hole!

And thats fine, but I dont really care about those that do it. 

No feelings either way except yeah, if you're doing it and think you're Gods Gift to China beacause youre wanking off in a job where youre hired, as a WHITE friend of mine told me - for your skin color and nothing else (and can barely teach worth a damn, if teach at all), then well .. you're a loser, but thats ALL I feel - and will say. 


I care not if you believe me. 

But you know what really pisses me off? 

Those business experts wanking around claiming to be know it all, spamming WeShat groups and living on their girlfriends. 

And for whatever reason a lot of Australians in China are jumping on the wacko bandwagon. 

God knows why. 

Aussies in general are STELLAR folks - not afraid to call China out for the crap they've done to the world - and their PM MOrrison is a STELLAR AND SHINING example of that, but these wackos that can't get none back home in Australia and couldn't get ajob to save their ass and live in shared housing or what not back home (I forget the term a friend of mine used, but it's the equivalent of "trailor park trash" in the US) ....well, THIS lot is what I Can't stand. 

And apparenly it ain't me either. 

One jackass was spamming a group with some rubbish or the other, and "Dr Sophie", a female admin kicked him out. 

Apparently she was admining for another female. 

ANd of course, he started whining. 

ONe, about "Sophia is jealous" (its interesting, I wrote about another Sophie on another site a while ago!). 

And some assorted nonsense. 

In reality, HE was - that he wasn't allowed to break clearly stated group rules and advertise his utter bullshit. 

He's apparently an "artist" that has made it in China. 

Bozo Schofield probably knows him. In fact, the Bozo once made a comment about yours truly being supposedly jealous of people that made it in China, and knowing the Bozo, if there was ever a more self reflecting comment Glyn the Nutzo made, it was that!

But anyway ... 

So the lady called him out on another group. Blocked him personally. 

And he whines away. 

Of course, a lady gave him the boot, so he's more aggrieved. Hehe. 

But anyway, good on him. 

And good for the group admin to stand up for herself. 

Now, what relevance other than rant does THIS have? 

Well, simple. 

I do the same to people on my list that complain about wacky nonsense like (this gem I received) "you always sell, sell, sell1" 

(I wrote about that before, so I won't go into it on detail again, but it was some cheapskate whining". 

And then I received one about ...

"Can I please be a member of your Ship?" 

But he won't pay, apparently. 

He was polite. 

So Ididnt reply to him, but thats what I Think basically ... so if he's reading this, this "Martin" (whoever he is) knows my answer. 

No, my friend. Hehe. 

And that, my friend is that. End of rant, and lesson learnt - money, my friend is only going to gravitate to you if you're not a cheapskate. 

Its one thing to say "I can't afford it now, or get it now, but WILL by <insert date>". 

Hey, that happens. 

But being a cheapskate, and expecting the world for free, it ain't gonna happen. 

And now that some on this list are pissed off as well, be on the outlook for more on this. Hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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